What Are Better World Gifts?


These Better World Gifts do much more than meet immediate needs like clean water, food, health and income. They allow people to live with dignity. They end poverty, not just for individuals, but for whole communities. These are gifts that give hope.

Each gift you give supports the community driven work run by our Christian partners. It’s about making a bigger, lasting difference by helping individuals and families develop long-term livelihoods, health, education and leadership skills . . . and that’s a big picture!

Thanks to the lasting impact of your Better World Gifts, along with the wonderful work of people on the ground, you are helping end poverty.



Why Choose Better World Gifts?


Give and give back

By giving a Better World Gifts, you’re rallying your friends and family around a cause together. Help them see they can make a difference in the world with a gift that gives back.

Ethical & Sustainable

To avoid the issues of gift and packaging waste altogether, giving an experience like dinner, movie or concert tickets paired with one of Baptist World Aid’s Better World Gift Card is a fun ethical and sustainable gift.

Meaningful Conversations

Better World Gifts make way for meaningful conversations with your family and friends. Share how the gift works and how they’re helping to provide opportunities for all people to flourish!



How Does It Work?


Just for the record—we don’t put goats, chickens and veggies into boxes and mail them overseas! When you select a gift card for a family member or a loved one, you’re also making a donation to a community development project.

Your tax-deductible donation will fund vital community development projects that include the activity featured on your card. The dollar value listed for each gift is an estimate of how much the activity costs the project that runs it. If your generosity helps us to raise more than we need for a project, then excess funds will be used to help people involved in a similar project.

For every gift you select we will send you a unique gift card. The cards don’t mention a dollar value. They just explain how this gift is helping some of the world’s poorest communities.



Browse Our Better World Gifts Range


Each of these beautiful gifts represents the opportunity of a lifetime—a sustainable future for one person, one family, one community. A beautiful gift not just from you, but from God.


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