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Emergency Shelter


During times of natural disaster, recovery efforts can begin once a family has a shelter to call home. Your Better World Gift delivers a temporary shelter to wherever it’s needed most, providing emergency relief to families who have lost their homes and belongings, giving them a safe place to sleep.

Product info:

  • Card size: 148x105mm
  • Envelope included
  • Includes information on how your gift helps families living in poverty

Your gift of Emergency Shelter is helping to make a better world for all. Let me show you how.

Fadi lives in Lebanon in a shack made from things they’ve found and pieced together. They used to have a home, but with the economic crisis and inflation in Lebanon they could no longer afford to rent their home. She lives in their shack with her husband, three children, and in-laws. Before Fadi and her family got in contact with our Christian Partner, she wasn’t sure how they would survive, especially when winter came. But through the generous gift of an Emergency Shelter, they were able to receive urgent supplies to help them survive. Our Christian Partner also helped to provide them with a strong tarp which reinforced their home and protected them against the wind and rain..

While life is still difficult for Fadi and her family, she trusts God. ‘We have lost hope in Lebanon but continue to pray that God will keep this country going,’ she said. ‘We have faith in God and what is divinely “written” for our lives.’

An emergency shelter in Lebanon

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