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One of the joys of being a Sponsor is the relationship you form with the Child or Youth Partner you support. This relationship is mutually beneficial, you and your family will grow, and your ‘village’ will become stronger as you reflect Christ’s call to love one another as he loves us.

Letters are a great way to strengthen this relationship. And although COVID has caused some mailing delays, we are working hard to get treasured letters to Sponsorship communities.



Children love receiving letters and they love getting to know you! Child and Youth Partners love learning about Australia and corresponding with Sponsors helps develop their literacy skills. Letters are a gift and an encouragement to the child you’re supporting, as they grow and work towards their future!

Pen and Paper
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Use our letter writing template – or use your own stationery, a simple postcard or greeting card, as long as you leave a space for the translation! And don’t forget to include your Supporter ID and Child ID so our team know where to forward your letters.

Please send your physical letters to:

Baptist World Aid Australia
Locked Bag 2200
North Ryde, NSW, 1670.

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You can also write letters online, by signing into (or creating) your supporter account. Not only will sending a digital letter give you the option of uploading photos… but it also helps us to keep our administration costs down.




Need some tips on letter writing? Look no further. Don’t forget that Baptist World Aid is a Child Safe Organisation. Every letter is read to protect your (and Child or Youth Partners’) safety. Happy letter writing!

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Ask questions

Ask the Child you’re supporting questions about their family, studies and their favourite activities.

A family of three
Your family & church

Write about your family, church and special events, or your favourite sport.

An Australian flag hangs in the wind
Culture in Australia

Write about Australian culture, special holidays or events that are important to you and your family.

A dog with it's tongue out
Your pets

Write about your pets, their names and what kind of animal they are.

A woman with a whiteboard marker in her hand smiles
Your work life

Share about what you do for work or study and what you love about it.

A hand holds two photos in black and white
Send a photo

Children love photographs! Why not send one of yourself with your family?





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