We know the world isn’t as it should be. Why do poverty and injustice persist? How can we make a difference? We’ve got big questions, and some of the answers we used to rely on just don’t cut it anymore.

That’s why God’s story of restoration through reconciliation is so radical. In Jesus, God is reconciling all things into relationship with himself and with each other, in all facets of life. And he invites us, as ambassadors for reconciliation, to join him.

Better World Ambassadors is a community of people exploring together what it means to be part of God’s restoration story.

When you give regularly, your support goes where’s it’s needed most—to countries where hunger, poverty and injustice hit people the hardest.


By giving monthly, you’ll help people create long-term solutions to poverty that set communities up for life.

As Better World Ambassadors, we’re daring to ask questions that will challenge us to live for a restored world—to fight for justice for the poor, to be generous givers of what we have. And crucially, we’re not doing this alone. We’re working with local Christian Partners, as they help communities emerge from poverty. And we’re encouraging and equipping each other along the way.

Better isn’t just possible; it’s inevitable. As we act, we do so knowing that good can happen, not just for people experiencing poverty, but also as God transforms our hearts and minds.