Imagine living in fear…

Fear of not being able to feed your family.

Fear of not being able to afford medicine for your sick children.

Fear your children won’t get an education.

Fear they will end up…Just like you.

We produce only enough to eat. In the season we don’t produce rice, sometimes we need to beg from others to eat.

Then one day when you’re heavily pregnant… and your husband is bedridden…Then disaster strikes. A flood devastates your village, wiping out what little food you have left. You are left destitute.

This was Rith’s story, mother of 3 children, living in Cambodia.

And this is why your support is so critical…Because there are still many mums, like Rith, who live with the constant fear they will never escape the cycle of poverty.

So, please help mums like Rith. Please help wipe out the fear in their hearts for the future.

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How your Matching Gift goes further

When you give to the Matching Grant Appeal by 30 June, your gift goes further – up to 6 times further!

We must commit $1 in donations from supporters like you for every $5 of Australian Government funding provided.

These funds go to poor mums like Rith. They desperately need a livelihood that will help them escape the cycle of poverty. So they can have food when the floods come. Medicine when they are sick. Education for their children. And not live in fear of hunger, hardship and poverty.

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