“The righteous cry out, and the Lord hears them; he delivers them from all their troubles.” Psalm 34:17

Tabitha is no stranger to tears. She’s shed many herself.

As a child, she cried because she had so little food to eat each day. Today she despairs because her own children cry out from hunger. It’s so hard for her to get one small plate of food on the table – to be shared among four children.

“To get one plate on the table was a very big challenge,” says Tabitha. “My children were always crying of stomach pains… In our grass thatched house, rain would pour in on them… we were always taking a child each day to the hospital… I felt very distressed as a mother.”

With malnutrition already a challenge, how will Tabitha’s children fight off illnesses like coronavirus? How will they wash hands when they have no clean water? How will they earn a living when social distancing means the little, poorly paid work available will dry up?
But God loves mums like Tabitha. She herself prays desperately to God for relief from their troubles.

Today you can be an answer to prayer for mums in poverty like Tabitha.

With your generosity, you will help multiply new livelihoods. You will stop the cries of hunger from children. You will boost their immune systems with healthy food. You will give families an income to build safe houses so they don’t get sick from exposure. And you will help them keep healthy during the coronavirus pandemic!

Your gift to the Matching Gift Appeal before June 30 will directly bless poor mums like Tabitha. She CAN drive change in her life… with help from you! And the Australian Government will match your gift by up to 10:1!

We need to commit at least $1 from donors like you for every $10 of Australian Government funding provided.
As we face the coronavirus pandemic, our Christian partners in the field are responding to immediate needs to keep these vulnerable families safe and prepared. Once the crisis passes, we will continue working with these communities to create new livelihoods and strengthen communities.

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