With the ongoing implications of a global pandemic, our call to act quickly in serving those in poverty is urgent. If we can improve food security, medical care, and access to clean water, we create a road toward fullness of life.

And your gift, combined with support from the Australian Government, helps tackle such challenges.

Suresh, Pomilla and Sudhira are a family beginning to flourish because of your generosity.

But this is not the reality for so many in Bangladesh. The country has struggled to contain COVID-19 and, when India’s second wave crossed the border, Bangladesh’s cases skyrocketed.

‘With no work and no social safety support to feed themselves and their families, people belonging to the lowest rungs of the social ladder—rickshaw pullers, construction workers, domestic help, small business employees, day labourers, among others—are worried about the bleakness of a future plagued with hunger and uncertainties,’ said Nathan Sarker, Baptist World Aid’s South Asia Lead in Bangladesh.


And it’s not just Bangladesh.

India’s COVID crisis is anything but over, Sri Lanka is now seeing a rapid surge in cases, and Nepal has reported a 1200 per cent increase in COVID cases in the past few weeks. Nepal’s daily case numbers now surpass India’s, a country almost 50 times their size in population.

Vijeta works with one of our Christian partners in Nepal. ‘Nepal is facing desperate shortages of oxygen, ventilators, ICU beds and other critical services. Hospitals are overflowing and overfull in their bed capacity and struggling with adequate oxygen supply,’ she said.

Never has there been a more urgent time for your gift to have the greatest impact.

Your gift to the Matching Grant Appeal will help people through this crisis. Every donation you make before 30 June will be combined with funding from the Australian Government to reach more families. Thank you!

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The urgency of your gift is combined with the thankfulness of those receiving your generosity. People like Shem who works with one of our Christian partners in India: ‘This is a fight where one cannot do it alone. Without your support and partnership [we] wouldn’t have reached out to save those lives and India would have gone through a more horrific COVID situation. Knowing that people are praying for India and supporting with resources help us to fight braver. Thank you.’

Suresh, Pomilla and Sudhira are flourishing. And so many more in South Asia can too, but first we must help as many people as we can through the COVID crisis. Your gift before 30 June will ensure more families will start their journey out of poverty and start to flourish – just like Suresh, Pomilla, and Sudhira.