Do you let your children go hungry at breakfast?

Or do you let them go hungry at dinner?

This is the choice Sharon must make every day… because she can only afford a handful of maize and beans. It has to be shared among four children.

She knows what it’s like to see hungry faces each day… despairing because she can never earn enough to feed them. No matter how hard she works.

She knows what it’s like to watch children fall ill… when she can’t afford a doctor. Even when her daughter is shivering and sweating from malaria.

She knows what it’s like to witness the humiliation of her children being chased out of school… and to blame herself because she can’t afford the school fees.

Today, your generous gift to the Matching Grant Appeal can help stop this heartbreak of mums like Sharon.

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How your Matching Gift goes further

When you give to the Matching Grant Appeal by 30 June, your gift goes further – up to 6 times further!

For every $1 you give the Australian Government provides an extra $5!

These funds go towards urgently needed new livelihoods for mums living in poverty like Sharon. So they can afford food and medicine for their children. And pay the school fees for their children’s education. And ultimately to be self-sufficient.

Donate to get up to 6 times the impact!

Donate & give new livelihoods to mums living in poverty