Give Before 30 June To Help More People Living In Poverty

Now is the best time to give to our Matching Grant Appeal because your tax-deductible donation will be combined with funding from the Australian Government through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP). We contribute at least $1 for every $5 we receive from the Australian Government so giving now will multiply your impact to reach more people. 


Our local Christian Partners work hard to help vulnerable people overcome the injustice of poverty. Will you keep their work going?

Lota from Bangladesh was able to change the course of her life when she had access to our local Partner’s training and support programs. After her forced, and abusive, marriage ended badly, she was left impoverished and dependant on relatives for her food, shelter and even clothing.  
But today, she can farm crops, raise animals, sew, and provide veterinarian services. Lota is happy and she’s helping her neighbours overcome the barriers to find success in their own lives too. 
My life was full of hardship,’ she said. ‘Now I can grow vegetables, raise goats, and save money. I’m independent and I’m happy’.   

When you give to the Matching Grant Appeal, you’re helping our Christian Partners around the world as they support people emerging from poverty. Not only will you be assisting people with their immediate needs—food, shelter and clothingbut you’ll also help address the underlying causes of poverty, like helping people access education and gain secure employment. 


Our Partners work alongside people like Lota to build confidence and develop skills so they can take control of their lives and change the course from poverty to fullness of life. Once Lota had gained a secure income and stability in her own life, she joined our Partner in building up others by sharing her learning, especially with other women made vulnerable by poverty.  


‘I will support my neighbours in need,’ said Lota. ‘I won’t allow them to live in poverty.’

By joining our Partners in supporting someone like Lota, you’re doing much more than giving someone a meal and shelter; you’re helping a whole community to emerge from poverty and you’ll continue having a positive impact on that community for generations. Do you want to help change the course of life for vulnerable communities?


Why Give By 30 June?

When you give by 30 June, your gift will be combined with funds from the Australian Government to do more good and help more people. We are more effective in fighting poverty when you give before 30 June.