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E-Letter Writing Tips

Children and young people treasure letters they receive! Given the cultural context, here are some important things to bear in mind when you’re writing your letters:

Helpful Tips

  • Keep your message short and clear
  • Write about your family, church, special events, or your favourite sport.
  • Ask questions about their family, their favourite thing to do, or what animals they like.
  • Attach a photograph of yourselfor one with your family
  • Be creative and enjoy the process!

Things To Avoid

  • Feel free to talk about your own personal faith, however please refrain from teaching or evangelising.
  • For safeguarding reasons, we ask that you don’t imply that you might visit, or that they might one day visit you.
  • For privacy and protection be careful not to disclose information like your last name and suburb.

For other useful letter writing tips and information, visit our Write To Your Child Partner page.