What Is The Ethical Fashion Report?

The Ethical Fashion Report examines the way the fashion industry engages with worker rights and environmental sustainability throughout supply chains.


The Ethical Fashion Report was first created in 2013 in response to widespread worker exploitation and a lack of ethical practices. It followed the tragic Rana Plaza collapse which exposed the conditions our clothes are made in—catalysing an ethical fashion movement.

The 2022 Ethical Fashion Report researched 120 fashion companies representing almost 600 brands. The research covers five sections across policies, tracing, supplier relationships, worker empowerment, and environmental sustainability—in total, analysing 12,600 data points.

Ethical Fashion Guide and Report

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The Fashion Industry In 2022

Cotton worker holding bundled up cotton on his shoulders.
60 million people

Over 60 million people work in the global fashion industry.

Women in a garment factory sewing garments.

The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed more vulnerable workers into modern slavery.

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80 billion garments

80 billion garments are purchased annually across the globe.

What Did The 2022 Ethical Fashion Report Find?

Despite some progress over the past decade, the industry still has a long way to go. Of the 120 companies assessed, our research found:

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29 out of 100

The 2022 average company score sits at a meagre 29 out of 100.

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Living wages

Just ten per cent of companies could evidence paying workers living wages at any of their final stage factories.

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Climate action

Only 15 per cent of companies could evidence a public greenhouse gas emissions reduction target and strategy.



How Did Your Favourite Brand Perform?

Which brands are protecting workers and the environment? Find out so you can use your influence to demand better.


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With its mission to end poverty, Baptist World Aid Australia has published the Ethical Fashion Guide since 2013. As one of Australia’s leading publications on ethical fashion, the Ethical Fashion Guide helps people take action based on thorough data from 120 companies representing almost 600 brands.