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From nutritious honey, beeswax and health products, to crop pollination and splitting hives to sell, the possibilities in the beehive business are never-ending. Your Better World Gift brings the delight of busy bees and training to families in Kenya, so they can harvest an income and nutrition in the smallest of spaces.  

Product info:

  • Card size: 148x105mm
  • Envelope included
  • Includes information on how your gift helps families living in poverty

Your gift of Bees is helping to make a better world for all. Let me show you how.

Hassan has seven children and struggled to support his family. He farmed and found casual work where he could to provide for them, but it was never enough. Then he learnt about our partner’s program, and thanks to the generosity of people like you buying a Bee card, he was able to learn about raising bees and harvesting honey. Now he sells over honey at the markets and can feed his children and send them to school. That’s sweet!

A group of people gather around a bee keeper.

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