A blessing for ALL PEOPLE


Better World Gift cards aren’t just a blessing to the person receiving it–with all those beautiful thoughtful words–it’s a blessing to the family who received that donation. But so many people don’t get that experience and can’t be a part of making that change, without someone like you hosting a stall.

This year especially, we need you to be a voice and make a way for more people to help families fight against poverty. According to the World Food Programme, the number of people facing acute hunger has more than doubled since 2019 and together we can help feed them. We need you to open up your table and demonstrate your generosity and hospitality as you host, so that together we can help feed more families and ensure they have livelihoods for the future.

Will you help share those opportunities and stories with your church and community this year? Fill out the form below to register now.


Host A Stall

Run your stall in your church, school, university, markets or your office. We’ll send you everything you need like a full pack of gifts and promotional material and can process donations by cheque, cash or card—online and in-person.

Host A Party

Why not host your next big event as a Better World party? We’ll send you a selection of gifts and stories, plus resources and a personalised webpage for you to share with your party guests. Together, you can raise money to help families lift themselves out of poverty.

Host In Your Workplace

Designed specifically for you to take into your workplace to share with your colleagues. Set up a stall near your desk or in a common area with sample cards and a QR code poster so your colleagues can order via a personalised webpage easily.

Host Online

Who needs a special event to host? This is the easiest way to share Better World Gifts with your friends and family, whenever and wherever. Receive your own personalised webpage where your loved ones can order their gifts. And let us do the rest.

Why host Better World Gifts?


Connect With Your Community And Help Families Living In Poverty


Each year volunteers like you connect with their friends, family and local community in a way that spreads the joy of generosity and transforms the lives of people living in poverty. That’s what hosting Better World Gifts is all about. It brings people together to help end poverty. When you host, you’re at the heart of it all.

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Get to know your community better by hosting. Talk to your community members and share your passion for ending poverty with them.

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Meaningful Conversations

By hosting a stall, you’ll have many opportunities to share and have meaningful conversations about generosity and poverty.

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Make a Difference

You’re giving others an opportunity to choose a gift that makes a difference in the world. And, by doing so, you’ll be helping to change even more lives.



I love telling people how their purchase will help families and individuals who struggle everyday to put food on the table for their families. How self esteem grows when you can support your family.


-Pat James, host at Toronto Baptist Church

Frequently Asked Questions


You might have questions about Better World Gifts.

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Download Your Free Better World Gift Resources Now

Make your gift stall the best it can be with these resources, from PowerPoint slides to the instruction guide, from training videos to an FAQ doc.


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