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Fresh milk isn’t the only reason a child loves a goat—these curious creatures make powerful changes in struggling families. Your Better World Gift provides a family with livestock training in Nepal, Bangladesh, or Kenya. Thriving in extreme climates, goats generate income from nutritious milk, manure and offspring.

Product info:

  • Card size: 148x105mm
  • Envelope included
  • Includes information on how your gift helps families living in poverty

Your gift of Goat is helping to make a better world for all. Let me show you how.

Taabu Kasina’s life in Kenya changed when she met our Christian Partner and received a goat, along with training and support to breed and take care of it. As well as providing nutrition for her family, participating in our Partner’s program gave Taabu Kasina the opportunity to learn better financial skills and good agricultural practices that she could apply to all kinds of farming.

Soon, Taabu Kasina was able to exchange a baby goat for some chickens and diversify her farming. With an ongoing income from milk, eggs, abundant crops and meat, she is now building her family a house and putting meals on the table each day. The gift of a goat can really change a life.

Three people stand in front of a brick hut with a goat

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