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Backed by an education, a child can change the world they live in. Knowledge seeps into every area of their lives – their health, confidence, ambition, and of course, their future. Your Better World Gift means education and books for a child in Lebanon or Nepal who desperately wants to learn.

Product info:

  • Card size: 148x105mm
  • Envelope included
  • Includes information on how your gift helps families living in poverty

Your gift of Back To School is helping to make a better world for all. Let me show you how.

Balinda* is growing up in Uganda. Poverty meant that his parents couldn’t afford school fees or enough food for the family. It was incredibly stressful and Balinda didn’t always receive the kindness, care and attention he needed. But the whole family’s lives were transformed when Balinda began participating in a Child Club run by our Christian Partner. Through the program, he was offered opportunities and support to advocate for himself and his peers. His parents also grew in their parenting skills, as a result of participating in our Partner’s program.

‘We learnt about child protection, rights and responsibilities of children, value of education among others [that] changed my attitude towards supporting my children and other children in the community,’ Balinda’s mother said. ‘Now I can provide basic needs to my children, and I encourage other community members to provide for their children. My husband and I learnt how to settle disputes without engaging in violence which brought peace in our home.’

Balinda’s parents have also learnt business and agricultural skills so they can earn an income, and he can go to school. Balinda loves going to school, and wants to see all the children in his community have the same opportunity to learn and thrive.

*Name changed for privacy purposes.

A young Ugandan boy holds a stick and points to a poster.

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