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Pack of 10 Conversation Cards + One Free


Order ten Conversation Card packs and get the eleventh free!

Designed for Bible study group leaders and families who want to have deeper conversations and explore issues of faith, life and poverty together. These questions open up meaningful and faithful conversation, and are appropriate for individuals anywhere along their faith journey. An excellent gift for your Bible study group or leaders in your church.

A series of 30 cards, each with a different question to help get the conversation flowing as you consider how to live lives that are faithful and loving while being aware of poverty. Each card has a beautiful design you can either enjoy or use as prompt to help answer the questions.

All proceeds go to help meet families’ immediate needs through our Where Needed Most fund. Your contribution will help families living in poverty with what they need, when they need it.

Product info:

  • Great for Bible study leaders, youth leaders, pastors, and families wanting to have deeper and more meaningful conversations
  • Comes in an easily transportable and sturdy box
  • Box size: 10cmx10mx1.5xm
  • Printed on ethically sourced card and paper
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