“I decided to leave Myanmar after my husband got shot and my house was burnt down. They beat him up in front of my four young daughters and then killed him. My daughters watched this and were screaming.”

They were forced to flee for their lives from Myanmar. Mostava’s four daughters, ages 8 to 18 months, saw more violence in nine days than you would see in a lifetime. They saw homes and villages destroyed. They saw men slaughtered. They saw women and children raped. And they saw their own beloved father murdered.

“We will never go back. If you want to send us back you can just kill us… My girls loved their father very much. Even now if we talk about him they start crying.”

Refugee children like Mostava’s have lost everything. Home, country, security. And the ones they love.

Your generous gifts over the past year have gone towards emergency food and shelter at the refugee camp. But now the most urgent need is for hands-on, practical assistance to help these refugees begin healing from their terrible grief. Because these refugee children are at risk of permanent mental trauma.

Your gift will ensure traumatised refugee children receive counselling if they need it and provide safe spaces to help them play and grow — especially vital now when they’ve lost their homes and the means of going to school.