In recent years, the people of Myanmar have faced unrelenting crises. From economic uncertainty, ongoing, violent conflict between Myanmar’s military junta and armed resistance forces, disasters caused by natural hazards, and the impact of COVID lockdowns—the need for humanitarian assistance is urgent.

Since 2021, the number of displaced people in Myanmar has risen from 380,000 to 1.9 million. That’s a five-fold increase in just three years—and it doesn’t count the thousands who have fled the country to seek refuge elsewhere.


Families are living in makeshift homes and IDP (internally displaced persons) camps scattered throughout the country. Finding enough food to feed everyone is a constant battle. Cramped living conditions increase the risk of disease during monsoon season and, in worst case scenarios, entire camps and villages have been destroyed by heavy storms and flooding, leaving already vulnerable families with the momentous task of rebuilding their shelters.


Your donation will be directed to our local Christian Partners in Myanmar who are providing urgently needed food and hygiene relief for over 300 internally displaced families as well as training and supporting humanitarian staff. You’ll also be supporting the work of our local Partners across the border who are caring for refugee families who’ve fled for safety to neighbouring countries.