Ending Poverty, Making A Better World For All


We believe God’s desire is a world without poverty and injustice. That’s why we work toward ending poverty so all people can enjoy fullness of life as he intends.

With your support, we partner with local Christian organisations already working in 18 countries to help vulnerable communities emerge from poverty.

  • Our Children and Youth Clubs assist young people to move beyond the barriers of poverty – for themselves and their whole community.
  • Our Community Development projects build lasting solutions to poverty for entire communities.
  • Our work in disaster saves lives before, during and after a disaster strikes.
  • We stand with the oppressed and marginalised as advocates for a more just world.

We encourage and support the Church to respond to the environmental crises that affects our most vulnerable neighbours around the world through disaster response as it and community transformation.


How we serve


Transforming Communities

We partner with local Christian organisations to find innovative and lasting ways for vulnerable communities to emerge from poverty.


Our Community Development projects recognise that the greatest power for lasting change lies within communities themselves. Our Christian Partners help people to enjoy the fullness of life God intends for them, equipping them with the tools they need to pursue a better livelihood for their families and communities. This is how it works.

Partner With Local, Christian Organisations

Like us, they share our biblical understanding of the better future God intends for people living in poverty. And they are the best qualified to identify the challenges that can face projects in their own communities.

We Help To Provide Support

We provide our Christian partners with financial and prayerful support, guidance, accountability and training, helping them to grow in effectiveness as agents of change in their own communities.

Serving Communities Together

In doing working together, we also learn from our local, Christian Partners, adding to our own knowledge of God’s work in various cultures and in best practice development as we serve together.

Why work with communities?
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Lasting Solutions

Poverty is complicated and can leave people hungry, malnourished, uneducated, excluded, dispossessed, and susceptible to disease, environmental crises and early death. While individuals feel the effects of poverty, lasting solutions involve whole communities.

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Community members are invited, resourced and trained to take collective action. They identify the root causes of poverty in their community, and they draw on their strengths to make and carry out plans to overcome them. Together.

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Building Leadership

With your support, we sow into projects which build leadership and capacity at a local level, helping to ensure that the impact lasts well beyond the duration of the project itself. Your support helps to create the fullness of life God intends for them.




God is already—and always—at work across this great world of his.


Baptist World Aid Australia joins him specifically in supporting Christian Partners in countries such as Papua New Guinea, Lebanon, Cambodia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Kenya, Malawi, Uganda and others. And we respond to disasters in Asia Pacific, Asia, Middle East and more.

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We work in Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands


We work in Kenya, Malawi, South Africa, and Uganda.

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We work in Lebanon, Cambodia, Malaysia, Philippines, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka

Disaster-affected Countries

We respond to disasters in Papua New Guinea, Ukraine, Indonesia, India and more.

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You See A Better World. So Do We.

Ending poverty. Together.


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