Our hearts ache as we watch the terror and violence unfolding in the Middle East. With our Baptist family across the world, we mourn the catastrophic loss of life and look to our God of peace who is always at work through his people. 


This latest conflict, beginning with the unprecedented terrorist attack on innocent civilians by militant extremists, Hamas, on 7 October 2023, has taken the lives of 1,139 Israelis. Heavy bombardment of Gaza by Israeli forces in response, has since led to the deaths of close to 35,000* people.

Sadly, we anticipate these numbers to rise. Around 1.1 million people in Gaza—half the population—are experiencing catastrophic food insecurity, as families have exhausted their food and water supplies. Over 1.7 million people are displaced and in desperate need of safety and urgent humanitarian support. Almost 15,000 children have been killed, and many are injured or severely malnourished from lack of food.

Your donation will enable our Christian Partners to provide urgent assistance to civilians affected by this conflict.



Medical infrastructure has been irreparably damaged in Gaza, and healthcare workers are struggling to provide necessary lifesaving healthcare due to shortage of supplies and medicine. 


In partnership with a highly trusted, Christian Partner who has spent decades serving in this region, we are responding where the need is greatest. This often includes pregnant women, children, and people with disabilities within Gaza, and the West Bank. We’re also supporting the work of our Christian Partners in the wider region caring for displaced people in search of safety.


  1. Help deliver much-needed medicines, medical supplies and equipment to local clinics, hospitals, and to healthcare workers providing essential services in Gaza and the West Bank, such as treating malnutrition in children.
  2. Help establish and maintain mobile health clinics our Partners have already setup to address the non-functioning hospitals and medical centres
  3. Help our Partners in Lebanon provide emergency food packages, mattresses, blankets, feminine products and diapers to displaced families in need
  4. Assist our Partners as they prepare shipments of medical aid while exploring safe options for delivery and distribution to where the need is greatest.


Pictured: Collapsed buildings in the Middle East conflict. Photo credit: Ibrahim Zaanoun.

*Last updated 29 April, 2024.