Tonga – Undersea volcano Hunga-Tonga-Hunga-Ha’apai erupted on Saturday the 15th of January, triggering a tsunami and covering the Pacific Island of Tonga in volcanic ash. The full extent of the damage is yet to be known due to communication blackouts but there are serious concerns about contaminated drinking water, food shortages and destruction of homes.

Your donation today will mean urgently needed support for Tongan families as soon as communication is restored.


Please pray for our neighbours in Tonga during this distressing time, that they may know God is with them.

Philippines – Typhoon Odette/Rai swept over 11 regions of the Philippines last month (16th December 2021), forcing 2.7 million people from their homes and causing destruction to 1.4 million houses. Now considered the second most deadly disaster to hit the globe in 2021, fresh surges of COVID-19 cases are compounding recovery efforts severely. Your donation will provide shelter kits to families whose homes have been most affected by the devastating effects of the typhoon.

Myanmar – The people of Myanmar have experienced incredible hardship since the military coup in February 2021, which has displaced over 200,000 people and killed at least 1,120. Your gift today can support urgently needed food and shelter for the hundreds of people fleeing Myanmar.

Updated 18th January 2022

Some of the world’s poorest communities live in the most disaster-prone areas. Poverty makes these families more vulnerable to disasters because they can’t protect themselves. And, after a disaster, they lack the resources to respond and rebuild effectively. It’s a vicious cycle.

And now, in this time of global pandemic, these families have become more vulnerable still. Because how can you stay safe at home when your only shelter is a flimsy tarpaulin? And how can you wash your hands when you haven’t got soap or clean water?

Your gift to the Disaster Action Fund now… means we can respond urgently and effectively when disasters strike in the future.

And because the destruction caused by any disaster halts development in communities for years at a time, your generosity will also help to rebuild communities after the initial emergency response. And prepares at-risk families to survive future disasters, too.

Even the most conservative estimates suggest that $1 invested to help families prepare for disaster, saves up to $15 in response and recovery after disaster hits.

Help us act urgently and steward wisely.

Give a monthly donation to the Disaster Action Fund today and start saving lives before, during, and after disasters.

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Source: Aljazeera, Relief Web, BBC