Your generosity matters to the Rohingya refugees fleeing burning homes, torture and violence in Myanmar. This includes breastfeeding mothers and babies born in the hills or jungle while on the run from attackers.
When you donate to the Disaster Action Fund, Baptist World Aid is responding through our Christian partner, Medair, to provide life-saving emergency relief to these refugees who have been left with nothing.

Zumail (left) and Unia (right) with the two children they have left. Your support means refugees like them can get the shelter they desperately need.
Zuwail & Unia
Zumail (left) and Unia (right) with the two children they have left.

Zumail and Unia are heartbroken over losing their two sons while fleeing Myanmar.

“We had to flee because they burned down our houses… When we were running, we lost two of our children… When we heard that our children got murdered, we had to leave them behind, because they were still coming after us. We wanted to go back, but we couldn’t. We still had two other children to take care of.”

The couple made it to Bangladesh with their two remaining boys. But the refugee settlement is desperately under-resourced… and many people have inadequate shelter, sleeping either under thin tarps that offer little protection against harsh heat and monsoon rain.

Even with small food rations, Zumail and Unia still have to beg for a handful of rice each day from other refugees as destitute as them. This grieving family has escaped a violent death only to face the prospect of sickness…or even death from exposure.