Some of the world’s most vulnerable communities live in the most disaster-prone areas. With limited capacity to mitigate sudden catastrophes, these families are more vulnerable to disasters. They also lack the resources to respond and rebuild effectively, creating a vicious cycle of poverty. 

Your gift to the Disaster Action Fund means our local Christian Partners can respond urgently and effectively when disasters strike, both now and in the future

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And your gift will keep on giving.  Destruction caused by any disaster halts development in communities for years at a time.  Your donation will help fund projects so that communities can rebuild and prepare for future disasters. 

Estimates suggest that one dollar invested in helping families prepare for disaster saves up to six dollars in response and recovery after disaster hits*. 

Give to the Disaster Action Fund today and partner with us in saving lives before, during, and after disaster strikes. 

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*According to the National Institute of Building Sciences, every dollar invested in disaster mitigation can save six dollars in recovery costs.