With Russia’s aggression toward Ukraine, we are now in the middle of a humanitarian crisis as people leave their homes in search of safety.

Nearly one third of Ukrainians have been displaced. Approximately 6.6 million have fled to neighbouring countries in Europe, while over 6.6 million remain displaced within Ukraine.

As the situation continues, people urgently need food, emergency services, medical care, and refuge. They also need long-term assistance, so families can support themselves and children can continue their education.

Your gift today will provide support for food, hygiene items, medicine, generators, blankets, pillows and necessary items for displaced people as well as shelters set up for them. You are also helping our Christian Partners provide long-term support, as the ongoing extent of people’s needs continues to emerge.


‘A refugee crisis is an inevitable outcome of tragic conflict, and our response must be both prayer and action,’ said Melissa Lipsett, CEO. ‘Baptist World Aid Australia is responding to this crisis both within and around Ukraine, supporting Christian Partners throughout the region as they care for an influx of people seeking safety. We are also positioned with other Christian Partners at home to advocate for a stronger Australian government response to support refugees displaced from their homeland.’


Source: The UN Refugee Agency