RIGHT NOW, the covid pandemic is causing a crisis for children.

Children are missing out on an education. 

Facing the threat of childhood marriage. 

And vulnerable to spending the rest of their lives in poverty.

The pandemic is plunging families into deeper poverty… and children, especially girls, are feeling the weight of this crisis.


Even as covid restrictions ease, parents are finding it difficult to earn an income in struggling economies. Children have had their learning interrupted due to covid-related school closers. Desperation drives parents to marry off their girls for both the dowry and to relieve them of an extra mouth to feed. Often, parents mistakenly believe their girls will be better off. But this is not the case

Your monthly gift to the Vulnerable Children Fund will help children from poor communities live the life that God intended for them.

So they don’t miss out on school. Or end up as child brides. Or exploited as cheap labour.
When you give a monthly gift to the Vulnerable Children Fund:

You help a child complete their education.
You help a child avoid early marriage.
You help a child break free from the cycle of poverty to live the life God intended for them.