When May was just 16…

“I wore the number and sat inside the glass cage.”

“If the guests wanted me they pointed at me with the red light… one day I served 17 men.”

When May was sold, her job was to let men use her body. She endured abuse and beatings. She was too frightened to report anything to the police.

May eventually escaped this life. She now works with Baptist World Aid’s field partner to prevent this kind of exploitation happening to other children – including her own. She never wants to see them selling their own bodies to survive.

You can join the fight against child trafficking. Because May, and exploited children like her, are worth so much more than this. They are precious children of God.

By supporting the Vulnerable Children Fund, you join May in protecting these children that God so deeply loves.

* Name change for privacy and protection reasons


Why does child exploitation occur?


Some families are so poor they have no choice. Selling a child means mum, dad, other siblings and grandparents can eat.

Lack of awareness

Sometimes parents don’t realise they’re selling their child into slavery. Agents promise parents high-paying jobs or the chance of a better life for their children.


Customs like child marriage and expecting children to provide for their elders can lead to little ones losing their childhoods.


Traffickers prey upon the vulnerability and poverty of children and families to make a profit.