For I know the plans I have for you…

RIGHT NOW you have an incredible opportunity to help a child fulfil the plans God has for the future.

TODAY you have the power…

To save a child like Sima from early marriage and a life of poverty.

Sima is one of seven children from a poor farming family in Nepal.

At age 12, time is running out for her. Within three years, she’ll most likely be forced to stop school and get married.

She hopes to become a nurse one day… a dream that God has put in her heart.

“I can be something in future so I want to go school. I want to provide health service in the village being nurse in future. Because we do not have good health service…”

God has plans to give children like Sima a hope and a future. THIS VERY MOMENT you can help at least one child like her escape the curse of abject poverty.

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