COVID has meant maternal and neonatal deaths are on the rise.

Your Christian Partners need your help as they address the urgent needs of pregnant women and mothers. Because no woman should face her pregnancy with fear or have to raise her child alone, or without the health care essential to life and safety.

Before the pandemic, Nepal’s health system was already fragile. With the fear of COVID-19, disruption to health services and inaccessible transportation meant riskier pregnancies.


That was the case for Rajmati. When she went into labour there were complications. It was an obstetric emergency and her haemoglobin count was dangerously low. She was told to go to a government health centre 56km away. With many forms of transportation shut down due to lockdowns, she couldn’t afford to get there.

But one of the nurses recommended emergency support from our local Christian Partner. They covered Rajmati’s ambulance fee and the baby was delivered safely. Today, Rajmati and her baby are healthy and well.

Sadly, not every story ends in a celebration of new life.

That’s where you come in.

As we approach Mother’s Day, a day to celebrate mums, you can help to support women like Rajmati as our local Christian partners respond to the urgent needs of other pregnant women and mothers.

Will you give to support these women with us?