Our hearts ache as we see violence, conflict and soaring inequity continue in the Middle East, with impacts reverberating throughout the entire region—including in Lebanon, Syria and beyond.

Communities in Lebanon were already struggling with astronomical inflation driving families into extreme poverty. The country also hosts around 1.5 million refugees from Syria, many of them living in informal, insecure settlements.


Widespread conflict has also further exacerbated the ongoing economic crises being experienced in countries across the region, making it harder for families already living in poverty to survive. Lebanon, for example saw inflation rise by a staggering 222 per cent in 2023.

Today, your generosity will provide urgently needed support for vulnerable families—from inhouse therapy and counselling to essentials like warm clothes and food, as well as helping vulnerable children get an education and reclaim their childhood. Your gift will also go towards supplying vital care to those who need it most—particularly women and children.