“God calls us to “Learn to do right; seek justice. Defend the oppressed. Take up the cause of the fatherless; plead the case of the widow.”

Isaiah 1:17


This is just one of more than 2000 references to justice and poverty throughout the Bible. At Baptist World Aid Australia we believe that speaking up for justice is an act of worship and an important way of living out our faith.



Take Action Using Our Advocacy Actions.


Sign a petition or contact your local MP and let them know that you do not stand for injustice


A photo of a remote road in Afghanistan.
Action for Afghanistan

Tell your Local Member that you care about the people of Afghanistan and want Australia to act.


A man addresses a crowd in front of parliament house
Community Election Forums

Your guide to hosting a Community Election Forum.


Three young women stand wearing some fashionable clothes while joyfully laughing together.
Host a Clothes Swap

A clothes swap is a great way to start a conversation about ethical consumption in your community.


Two women look at a yellow garment as they shop.
Shop Ethically

Which brands are putting people and planet before profit? Find your favourite brands, shop with your conscience, be vocal.


Who we work with


Our Partners


At Baptist World Aid, we know our voices are stronger together. That’s why we look for like-minded organisations who share our heart for justice and seek to be vocal in the same way we do. We have a number of partners in advocacy:

Micah logo

Micah Australia

As part of the Micah Australia coalition, we seek to mobilise Australian Christians to become advocates who passionately speak for justice.

Be Slavery Free

Be Slavery Free

At Baptist World Aid we are part of Be Slavery Free, a global movement of individuals and organisations fighting to end slavery through advocacy and education.

Campaign for Australian Aid

Campaign for Australian Aid

We partner with the Campaign for Australian Aid, supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation, because we believe Australia should do its fair share to end global poverty.

A Just Cause logo

A Just Cause

Through our Catalyst program, we partner with A Just Cause to advocate on domestic issues.



Together, Our Voices Can End Poverty


We live in a broken world. A world in which injustice stands opposed to God’s heart for His creation. But together, our voices are stronger than injustice. Add your voice to one of our targeted advocacy campaigns and speak for justice or mobilise members of your church to advocate by joining our Catalyst network.


Three Bangladeshi women of varying ages and a baby stand and sit in a dark blue room.