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As Christians, we know that prayer is powerful. Join us in praying for families in Afghanistan, global leaders and for light to shine in the darkness. Download our guided prayer points here.


Involve Your Church

Highlight the situation in Afghanistan, and share ways for your church community to advocate for people in Afghanistan for whom home is no longer safe.

  1. Explore the theological foundations to offer welcome to people who are not safe.
  2. Explain actions that church members can take, and provide a space for these.
  3. Provide a space for anyone interested in advocacy to meet up and discuss ways to take action.
  4. Find ways to support the Afghan community in your area, many of whom came to Australia to find safety and freedom from the Taliban. Some may be concerned for family and friends in Afghanistan, or be at risk of being sent back to Afghanistan in the future as they are on a SHEV or TPV visa.

Join Christians United for Afghanistan

Christians United for Afghanistan is a campaign bringing together the entire Australian church to speak with one urgent voice.

Because this is a heartbreak we share.

Every Christian, church and organisation is invited to join together in our call to welcome, protect, reunite and support Afghans and to bring 20,000 Afghan people to Australia through a special humanitarian intake. Sign today!


Advocate Personally

Pick up the phone to call your local MP. You can find their details here. Tell them that you’d like them to use their voice in their party and in the parliament to advocate that Australia:

  1. Offer 20,000 additional refugee resettlement places for Afghan refugees Tony Abbott did it in 2015 with additional places for Syrian and Iraqi refugees, Malcolm Fraser did it in the 1970s to welcome Vietnamese refugees. We can do it again today to share the responsibility to protect Afghan lives at risk.
  2. Immediately increase Australian aid to the region to support programs to assist people who have been displaced across borders and, wherever possible, support organisations still offering assistance within Afghanistan.
  3. Extend permanent protection to Afghans on temporary protection visas, recognising that return to Afghanistan will not be safe for many years to come.


Send Help to Displaced Families in Afghanistan

Baptist World Aid Australia has a partner on the ground in Afghanistan working to help displaced families with services, supplies and medical assistance. You can join us in our response by donating to the Afghanistan Crisis Appeal.


Landscape shot of Afghanistan mountains