God is the defender of those who are marginalised and his work is essential in the success of our programs overseas.

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At Baptist World Aid we believe that prayer is an important part of our Christian response to the injustice and oppression that we see in our world. But we also know that sometimes the biggest challenge can be knowing what to pray.

Use the information in this Prayer Calendar to guide your daily prayer time.

Please join with us as we urge God to right injustice and enable people everywhere to live life to the full in Jesus’ name.

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Prayer for Big Hearted Gifts

September 1- 2

Your Big Hearted Gifts mean lasting change for women like Lucy from Kenya. Before, Lucy would struggle to get her land to produce enough maize to live on. But, after training, she learned to plant her maize with other crops… now her yield has increased! Thank God for the impact that your Big Hearted Giving makes for women like Lucy!

September 3 – 9

It’s cyclone season… but your Big Hearted Gift of emergency shelter means that if families are affected, they will have a safe place to sleep. Please pray for families as they prepare to face disaster. Ask that God would keep them safe.

September 10 – 16

Praise God for our wonderful Big Hearted Gift Stall hosts! Each year, more than a hundred supporters give of their time, energy, and creativity in the lead-up to Christmas, so that their church communities have an opportunity to take part in Big Hearted Giving. Thank God for their generous service!

September 17 – 23

Many of our supporters share their passion for ending poverty by giving a Big Hearted Gift. Pray that God uses your Big Hearted Gifts this Christmas to teach your friends and family more about the issue of poverty.

September 24 – 30

Please pray for the families and communities who will be impacted by your Big Hearted Gifts in the year to come. Ask that God would use your generosity to transform lives and demonstrate His incredible love.


Prayer for our networks and partners

October 1 – 7

Baptist World Aid carries out its work through a number of important partnerships. Thank God for the provision of these relationships and ask that He would continue to make them flourish.

October 8 – 14

Thank God for alliances that allow us to respond, worldwide, when disaster hits. As a member of Integral Alliance, a global alliance of 22 Christian relief and development agencies, Baptist World Aid has the ability to respond to disasters in over 100 countries – greatly widening our reach.

October 15 – 21

Please pray for wisdom as Baptist World Aid continues its leadership role in Baptist Framework for Aid and Development (BFAD). BFAD is breakthrough initiative to for an international and collaborative approach for development and disaster response within the global Baptist movement.

October 22 – 28

Thank God for interdenominational partnerships within the Australian development sector. As a member of the Church Agencies Network, Baptist World Aid plays an important role in its Disaster Operations group (CAN DO). Last year, CAN DO formed a partnership with the Australian Government to carry out disaster management work in the Pacific region. Pray that God continues to this as a powerful witness of His love.

October 29 – 31

The day to day work of Baptist World Aid would not be possible without our Christian Partners in the field. Thank God for His provision of skilful and dedicated partner organisations.


Prayer for the Baptist Church

November 1 – 4

Pray for the Australian Baptist Church leaders as they seek to follow God’s call. Ask that He would help them to lead with Godly wisdom. Pray that they would be surrounded by an army of faithful encouragers to strengthen and love them.

November 5 – 11

The generosity of the Australian Baptist Church is defining our movement as one that is passionate about justice and compassion. Thank God for using this generosity as a powerful witness in your own community, the nation, and overseas.

November 12 – 18

Baptist World Aid is fortunate to have a number of partnerships with Australian Baptist Churches. Thank God for the loving hearts that hold up these communities. Pray that He continues to reveal more of Himself, as these churches seek to support work that lifts families out of poverty.

November 19 – 25

November heralds the beginning of winter in the Northern Hemisphere. For many countries in the Southern Hemisphere, it marks the beginning of the monsoon. Please pray for Baptist churches overseas as they prepare to respond to a sharp increase in need in their communities.

November 26 – 30

Please pray for the global Baptist movement. May it be a light shining bright in the darkness of our broken world. May it be a movement marked by God’s love.

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