God is the defender of those who are marginalised and his work is essential in the success of our programs overseas.

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At Baptist World Aid we believe that prayer is an important part of our Christian response to the injustice and oppression that we see in our world. But we also know that sometimes the biggest challenge can be knowing what to pray.

Use the information in this Prayer Calendar to guide your daily prayer time.

Please join with us as we urge God to right injustice and enable people everywhere to live life to the full in Jesus’ name.

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Prayer for matching grant and multiplication

June 1 – 4

We recently launched our annual Matching Grant appeal. Thank God for the incredible generosity that is regularly shown by all our supporters during this appeal. Thank Him for the transformative community development work which is made possible, because of that generosity.

June 5 – 11

Thank God for the amazing multiplication produced by community development work. Thank him that when we bless an individual, it can mean transformation for a family, and even a whole community!

June 12 – 18

17 June is World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought. The last season was a dry very one for Kenya. Thank God for the blessing of sand dams, which provide water in dry periods. These sand dams were made possible by your support… and Australian Government funding!

June 19 – 25

Please thank God for the continued blessing of Australian Government funding. Ask that God would continue to grow the government’s faith in our organisation, and the work which you help to make possible. Australian Government funding is determined by the level of support given to us by our supporters. Pray that God would continue to multiply the funding we are blessed with as an organisation.

June 26 – 30

Please thank God for the dedication, passion, and skills of our partner staff, like those who work for ADS in Kenya. Ask God to continue to bless their relationships with community members, and thank Him for the trust and respect which has flourished as they work with community members to end poverty.


Prayer for your state representatives

July 1 – 2

Please pray for your dedicated State Representatives. With Be Love Sponsorship Sunday approaching, this is one of their busiest periods. Please ask that God would refresh them and give them energy and good health as they share their hearts with Baptist Churches across Australia.

July 3 – 9

Your State Representatives spend a great deal of time on the roads. Please pray for safety and protection during their travels.

July 10 – 16

Pray that God continues to reveal His heart for justice to your State Representatives. Thank Him for their passion and conviction to share this message.

July 17 – 23

Please pray for the families of your State Representatives, who regularly release their husbands and fathers to minister to Baptist Churches across Australia. Ask God to honour their sacrifice and bless their family life together.

July 24 – 31

Please continue to support your own State Representative in prayer. You can find out who your State Representative is at

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