It’s no secret that we’re buying and disposing of more clothes than ever before. In Australia, 6,000kg of clothing is dumped in landfill every 10 minutes, while up to 10 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions come from fashion production.

There’s a human cost too. Over 60 million people work in the global fashion industry, many of whom face abuse, exploitation, modern slavery, and low wages that aren’t enough to live on.

To help fight this trend, we’re inviting you to host a Clothes Swap for Baptist World Aid.

Whether you host one at home with some friends or organise a large event with your church or community group, a Clothes Swap is a great way to:

  • give used clothes a second life—eliminating waste, reducing the use of non-renewable resources, and lowering greenhouse gas emissions,
  • start a conversation with people about ethical fashion,
  • raise money for Baptist World Aid’s research and advocacy work in the fashion industry to end exploitation for garment workers, and
  • freshen up your wardrobe at low cost while doing something great for the planet!

Not sure how to run one? Register your Clothes Swap on this page, and we’ll send you a guide with everything you need to know.

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