Join Jesus in mobilising opportunities for the oppressed and marginalised in our world.

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What is Catalyst?

Catalyst is an opportunity for you to join in God’s good work as we seek a better world for all.

By signing up to Catalyst you will:

  • have access to resources and events helping you and your church learn how and why to respond through love to global and local issues of injustice.
  • be connected with likeminded brothers and sisters in prayer.
  • be the first to hear about ways your church can take action to help transform the lives of people living in poverty.

As the Catalyst network continues to grow, so too does the power of our voice. If you’re interested in joining our Catalyst network, download our intro kit using the button below.

The challenge ahead

The global pandemic has meant ongoing disruption, heartache and challenges for all of us.

Yet it is the marginalised and oppressed in our world who are most affected. They have been pushed deeper into already broken systems where they face insecure employment, exploitation, violence and discrimination.

In the face of such brokenness, it is can be easy to feel helpless. Yet we know God has not forgotten those in poverty and is at work on their behalf. We can be too. In fact, our voices are stronger together. We can call on our leaders and organisations to take action, to recognise and protect those suffering the most. We can pray. We can advocate.

We can become Catalysts for change. As we start the new year, we hope you’ll join us as together we respond to God’s call to act justly and to love our neighbours.

Our story so far

For over 16 years, Catalyst has been a valued and significant ministry of Baptist World Aid and the broader Baptist movement.

With the help of our Coalition Partners (including Micah Australia, Be Slavery Free, and A Just Cause) our Catalyst program has:

  • seen billions more given in aid,
  • the implementation of legislation to tackle slavery,
  • and dramatic changes in the supply chain practices of major brands improving the lives of factory workers across the world.
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