Following Christ is what life’s all about: loving mercy, walking humbly and doing justice together.

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Is change really possible?

If you are part of a social justice group, or simply interested in how you can join with us in advocating on issues of poverty and exploitation then Catalyst is for you!

As a Catalyst member, you will be inspired and equipped to take powerful and meaningful action to tackle poverty and modern slavery around our world.

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“He defended the cause of the poor and needy…is that not what it means to know me? Declares the Lord.” (Jeremiah 22:16)

The Catalyst program will equip you and your church to seek the kind of world God longs for – a world free from poverty.

Catalyst groups meet regularly to learn and pray about issues of global justice. But, importantly, Catalyst groups also act.

Standing up with the oppressed and marginalised is an essential part of a life lived for Christ.

Whether they’re mobilising their church communities to be effective advocates or lobbying our nation’s leaders about issues that affect global poverty, our Catalyst groups are constantly finding new and creative ways to speak for justice.

With the help of our Coalition Partners (Micah Australia and Be Slavery Free (formerly Stop the Traffik), Campaign for Australian Aid and A Just Cause), our Catalyst program has seen billions more given in aid, the implementation of legislation to tackle slavery and fight multinational tax dodging, and dramatic changes in the supply chain practices of major brands.

As the number of active Catalyst groups around Australia grows, so too does the power of our voice. Please join us and help to transform the lives of people living in poverty as we fight for justice.

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I am involved in Catalyst and Christian advocacy because we live in a world that easily forgets the extreme poor beyond our borders. Who will speak for them? Surely God's people must! There are so many lives that are at stake. I know we have the power to shape outcomes though. I have seen it.

John Piovesan, Grange Baptist Church

Baptist World Aid, through the Catalyst programme, provides guidance and resources enabling us to act and advocate for change – to bring the love of Jesus into those situations. Our church community has enthusiastically embraced the Catalyst message!

Max Wishaw, Mt Pleasant Baptist (Western Australia)

I love Catalyst because it equips me with what I need to speak up about issues I’m passionate about. It has helped my church live out God’s call to be people of justice.

Sarita Hales, Carlingford Baptist Church

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