7 September, 2017

Who Makes 
My Clothes?

A Simulation Game Exploring the Story Behind the Barcode

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Running the ‘Who Makes my Clothes’ Simulation game will help you and your community engage more deeply with the issue of worker exploitation.

Through this interactive game, your community will:

  • Gain insights into working conditions in many garment factories in Bangladesh
  • Understand what life is like for many of the people who make our clothes
  • Recognise the role of companies, governments, consumers, and workers themselves, in bringing an end to exploitation in the garment industry

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In the increasingly interconnected world in which we live – where the supply chains of Australian companies literally span the globe – many of us are connected to slavery and exploitation through the products we use and consume, including our clothes.

The ready-made garment industry is central to Bangladesh’s economy, employing around 5 million workers. Cheap labour makes Bangladesh a popular sourcing country for foreign companies, including many of the companies included in our Ethical Fashion Report. However cheap labour often means exploitatively low wages and unsafe working conditions.

Baptist World Aid has designed the ‘Who Makes my Clothes?’ Simulation Game to help churches and community groups begin to explore issues of worker exploitation in an interactive, challenging, and inspiring way.