Through Disaster

Disaster impacts the vulnerable. Good disaster management is critical to ending poverty.

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Our approach
At Baptist World Aid Australia, we believe that good disaster management is an indispensable part of our response to poverty itself.

In just 50 years, the number of disasters affecting our planet has multiplied by seven. And each year these disasters claim lives and destroy livelihoods in vulnerable communities around the world.

Baptist World Aid Australia’s work in disaster management has a rich heritage which began more than half a century ago with the resettlement of World War II refugees. We now work in six of the world’s 10 most disaster-prone countries.

This important disaster management work is made possible by our Disaster Action Fund.

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How we work
Our response to disaster is an important part of our response to poverty itself because the destruction caused by disaster can halt development in communities for years to come.disaster-cycle

At Baptist World Aid, we approach disaster management in three phases: risk reduction, response and recovery.

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Risk Reduction

We invest in at-risk communities before disaster strikes. Risk reduction training and disaster action plans help to save lives and protect livelihoods. By preparing communities to better face disaster we can reduce the impact felt when one hits.

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When disaster strikes we respond immediately. We are connected to a global network of local Christian partners through our membership in Integral Alliance. When a disaster strikes we fund these partners to provide emergency disaster relief including emergency water, food, shelter, and medical supplies.

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We invest in long-term plans for recovery after the initial emergency response is over. We help to rebuild homes that are stronger, re-establish livelihoods and restore important community infrastructure like schools and sanitation.

Disaster Action Fund

Send love to disaster-prone communities

Monthly donations save lives and prepare communities for disaster.