What we do

With your support, we partner with local Christian organisations to be love and work alongside poor communities, helping them to end poverty. Baptist World Aid currently has 38 partners in 17 countries.

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Showing love in action

Our work is about showing Christ’s love in action. Your support can help us to be love in these four important ways:

  • Our Child Sponsorship program assists children to break down the barriers of poverty – for themselves and their whole community.
  • Our Community Development projects build lasting solutions to poverty for entire communities.
  • Our work in disaster saves lives before, during and after a disaster strikes.
  • We stand with the oppressed and marginalised and advocate for a more just world.


Child sponsorship

Children driving change

Since the beginning of our first Child Sponsorship program in 1974, Baptist World Aid has remained committed to loving children living in poverty.

We focus especially on children because we believe that it is children who are most impacted by poverty. If children are to enjoy the fullness of life God intends, they need to grow up in safe and nurturing communities where their voices are heard. They need to have the opportunity to go to school. And they need to have families who can keep them fed, sheltered and healthy.

Community Development

Working with communities

Our Community Development projects recognise that the greatest power for lasting change in poor communities, rests with the communities themselves.

Poverty is complex. And its root causes are interconnected. That’s why we believe that a response to poverty needs to be relevant to its own situation.

Through our Christian partners, we work with communities to identify the root causes of their poverty. We provide support, resources and training so communities can put their plans to overcome poverty into action.

Central to the success of this type of programming is a high level of community participation and ownership. That’s why we work with our Christian partners to encourage people to form community-based organisations.

Community-based organisations receive training on agriculture, education, health, child rights, leadership skills and savings. Members are encouraged to act together and discover ways to use their strengths to create change and build lasting solutions.

Through disaster

Poverty and disaster

Our response to disaster is an important part of our response to poverty itself because the destruction caused by disaster can halt development in communities for years to come.

At Baptist World Aid, we approach disaster in three phases: risk reduction, response and recovery.

Risk reduction
Preparing communities to face disaster is the most effective way of saving lives and minimising damage.
When disaster strikes we respond immediately, providing emergency water, food, shelter and medical supplies.
Several hands planting seeds in Vanuatu as part of a Community Development project
After the initial emergency response we invest in long-term plans for rebuilding communities and lives.


Our Advocacy

We advocate

God’s call to be vocal and defend the rights of the poor (Proverbs 31:9) is an important part of our organisation’s commitment to be love and end poverty. That’s why Baptist World Aid has an advocacy department.

We believe that standing up for the oppressed and marginalised is an essential part of a life lived for Christ. Our advocacy work creates opportunities for you to be love by responding to God’s call to speak for justice.

There are three aspects to our advocacy: we research, mobilise and campaign.

We research
Be fair and shop ethically with our Ethical Fashion Guide.
We mobilise
Love mercy and do justice together. Start a Catalyst group.
We campaign
Speak with love. Call on those with power to effect change.

It takes a child to raise a village

Become a child sponsor today and support a child to transform their community.