So, this Mothers’ Day we celebrate the women working alongside our local Partners to build businesses, advocate for others, and learn about the importance of nutrition and sanitation—for the benefit of their families and communities. 

Celebrating Veronica  

In Kenya, Veronica and her family were not long ago, surviving on one meal per day. And as farmers battling drought, they found it difficult to pay for important things, like school fees.  

‘The biggest challenges for my family were our lack of food for the children, lack of school fees, and lack of drinking water,’ Veronica said.  

Their food shortages were so severe that her son suffered from a disease caused by malnutrition.  

Help arrived through our local Partner, supported by funds raised through our Better World Gift Chicken card. Veronica learned more effective farming techniques that helped her combine keeping livestock with growing crops to achieve better results.  

Today, I have one donkey, three cows, three goats, two geese and ten chickens! God has really worked wonders in our lives.  

Veronica’s business has flourished, she’s been able to complete the building of the family house and purchase a solar panel for her roof to provide electricity. This means her children can study in the evening and their grades are improving.  

‘Nowadays we can afford to take three meals a day including breakfast, lunch, and dinner.’ Veronica said. 

Our Better World Gift Chicken card helps fund these projects in communities around the world and is sure to make an EGGcellent Mothers’ Day gift!  

Celebrating Senduri 

Not only are Mothers receiving business training and harnessing new skills, they’re also passionate about sharing knowledge with others so their communities can flourish together. 

Senduri is a young Mother of five in Nepal who was married at 17 and fell pregnant soon after. She was unaware of the necessary health checkups and the care required for pregnant women and was pressured by family to deliver all five of her babies at home. Thankfully there were no serious complications for Senduri or her children but delivering at home without medical support made her very afraid. 

During and after her pregnancies, Senduri had no health checks or treatment. There was no one to help, even with the housework.  

After joining a group partly funded through the Safe Birth card, she learnt about family planning and reproductive health. Senduri now helps other women in her community, teaching safe birth practices, and ensuring pregnant women receive vital check-ups.   

‘I can share my learnings with other people. If anyone has a problem, I will speak up for them too.’ Senduri said.  

Celebrating Aasha 

Aasha is a mother of two and a daily wage worker in Nepal. The contaminated water from the family’s taps used to make her family so sick that they couldn’t work regularly, and the children missed out on school—falling behind in their education. The family also struggled to afford medicine and other necessities.   

That was until our Partner supported the installation of 50 clean water pumps and taps in people’s homes, including Aasha’s. Now the family has clean water for drinking, cooking, and washing, and they aren’t constantly sick.  

Aasha is the treasurer of the committee that helps maintain the water pumps.   

Her son now attends school regularly and her daughter is completing a bachelor’s degree at university. Aasha feels comfortable and safe knowing that her family won’t get sick from the water they drink.  

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Join us in celebrating the many women, just like these mums, working to build a better world this Mothers’ Day. You can help support this transforming work by purchasing a Better World Gift card for a mum or mother-figure in your life today—for maxi-MUM impact!

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