Our latest Australian Ethical Consumer Report made one thing clear: Aussies are engaging with ethical consumption resources like never before, with 43% checking out content like scorecards, articles or podcasts at least fortnightly.

With plenty of great resources out there and lots of ways to interact with them, it can be hard to know where to start. 

Here are some of our favourites. Bookmark this as your springboard into ethical fashion and sustainable consumption resources!   



  • True Cost 
    This 2015 documentary, directed by Andrew Morgan, sheds light on fast fashion and the garment industry’s impact—from low wages for workers to pesticide contamination and river pollution.  
  • The War on Waste 
    Aussie public advocate and comedian, Craig Ruecassel, explores Australia’s waste crisis, empowering everyday families with actionable solutions to be a part of the war on waste. This is definitely one to watch with the family! 
  • Fashion Reimagined 
    Fashion designer Amy Powney takes the audience along on her journey to transform her entire fashion business to be a sustainable collection, from field to finished garment.  
  • The Shein Machine 
    Watch Iman Amrani investigate the incredibly successful and secretive business of Shein, bringing its ethical and environmental impacts into question.  
  • River Blue 
    In this documentary, conservationist Mark Angelo highlights the destruction of some of the world’s most vital rivers through textile manufacturing, and demands significant change from fashion brands. 


  • Wardrobe Crisis 
    Clare Press has non-judgemental and solutions-focused conversations about the future of fashion, fair treatment of garment workers, and environmental stewardship. Guests range from supermodels, activists and economists to our very own Advocacy Manager, Sarah Knop (check out her episode here).  
  • Conscious Style 
    Join co-hosts Elizabeth Joy and Stella Hertanyo as they explore what it will take to cultivate a more sustainable and equitable future for fashion. Their conversations range from greenwashing to slow fashion and dressing for your best self.  
  • Dressed: The History of Fashion 
    Fashion historians April Calahan and Cassidy Zachary explore the who, what, where and why of fashion throughout history around the world.  
  • Pre-Loved Podcast 
    Host Emma Stochl chats with guests about vintage style, thrifting, mending and lots more.  
  • Critical Fashion Studies 
    Tune into this interview series to hear Australian fashion experts explore how sustainability and diversity are shaping our local fashion industry.  
  • Clotheshorse 
    Host Amanda Lee McCarty takes to decoding the fashion and retail industries in the longform conversations that cover topics like consumerism, workers rights, and capitalism gone awry.  
  • Conscious Chatter 
    Conscious Chatter is all about intentional fashion, and understanding the meaning and potential impact connected to what we wear. Host Kestrel Jenkins has created a place to learn about the fashion industry and the part we can play in positive change.  

Phone and Pen and Note


  • Ethical Fashion Guide 
    As one of Australia’s leading publications on ethical fashion, Baptist World Aid’s Ethical Fashion Guide helps consumers make better choices based on thorough data from 120 companies representing more than 500 brands. 
  • Australian Ethical Consumer Report 
    Read the latest Australian Ethical Consumer Report to find out what Australians believe about modern slavery, sustainability and ethical fashion, and how committed they are to acting on these values. 
  • Chocolate Scorecard 
    Use this Be Slavery Free resource to see how some of your favourite chocolate brands perform when it comes to producing chocolate that is free of child labour, poverty, deforestation and is good for people and the planet on this Be Slavery Free resource.  
  • RecycleMate  
    This app and website helps you recycle anywhere in Australia by searching products or taking photos. It gives you advice specific to your location! 


  • @Everyday_Slavery 
    Run by antislavery researcher and practitioner, Kyla Raby, Everyday Slavery raises awareness of modern slavery in Australia. 
  • @clotheshorsepodcast 
    Similar to the podcast of the same name, Clotheshorse’s Instagram account embraces the slow fashion movement and covers topics like consumerism, workers’ rights, and capitalism gone awry.  
  • @ellenmacarthurfoundation 
    The Ellen MacArthur Foundation works with business, government and academia to build a framework for a circular economy. 
  • @ecoage 
    Eco-Age is a global agency that helps companies create sustainability solutions, focusing on the circular economy. 
  • @beslaveryfree 
    Be Slavery Free works with businesses, governments and global citizens to address modern slavery, and raise awareness about its prevalence in the world today. 
  • @baptistworldaid 
    Check out our socials for engaging stories of justice, ethical fashion and transformative community development.  
  • @betterworld.yth 
    Better World Youth is the page for youth living for God’s better world. 


  • Speak out 
    Use our Speak Out to Brands tool to let them know you care about workers and the planet, and challenge them to do better. 
  • Host a Clothes Swap 
    Have fun while doing your part to reduce clothing waste by swapping wardrobes with your family and friends! 
  • Reduce your consumption 
    Buying more than you need? There are plenty of ways to reduce the amount you consume, and encourage sustainability in your household. 
  • Talk to a friend 
    Want to have meaningful conversations with friends and family about ethical consumption? We have some tips to help you get started. 
  • Write to your local MP 
    Let your local member of Parliament know your concerns about modern slavery, the impact of overconsumption and waste, and advocate for systemic change.