Are you running a business or not for profit? In charge of organising staff Christmas presents this year? The end of the year is a great time to show your employees how much you value them, but it can be hard to know what to buy—especially as we become more conscious of waste and its impact on our planet.   

Better World Gifts can help. Each card you gift has a lasting impact on a family in need—whether it’s through clean water, agriculture training, or creating safe spaces for children to play. It’s the perfect addition to your annual gifting, and wonderful way to honour each employee’s contribution, while making a positive impact as a team. 

Here’s four ways a Better World Gift makes the perfect corporate gift this Christmas. 

1. Give A Gift With Meaning

More than a beautiful card, a Better World Gift helps create real change for people around the world experiencing poverty. Your funds go towards helping people around the world provide for their families and improve their communities—all through the incredible work of our local Christian Partners. Everyone wins, and your team can feel good knowing they’re part of making a difference. 

2. Align With Your Values

With a wide range of gifts available, you can give gifts for employees that align with your team’s values. Choose a card that reflects your core business, such as agriculture and food production (Chicken or Veggie Patch card), healthcare (Hand Soap or Safe Birth card) or education (Lunch for Learners card). Or pick a card that matches the causes your team members are passionate about. Each card comes with information on how your gift is changing lives around the world. 

3. Say Goodbye To Waste

A national survey of 1,100 people by ING found an estimated $400 million was spent on 10 million unwanted Christmas gifts—and that’s not counting the packaging and wrapping that ends up in landfill. Better World Gifts are a great option if you’re looking for Christmas gifts for your team that don’t create more waste. You can also choose cards that contribute to sustainable projects, such as our Trees card, which helps plant trees in Nepal to maintain the environment. 

4. It’s Corporate Gift Giving Made Easy!

We know how busy things get at the end of the year! Better World Gifts are easy to organise as part of your team’s Christmas gift. Simply jump online and place an order, or call our team if you’d like some help. We also offer several options for delivery, such as emailed gift cards, physical cards delivered to your office, or printing your own. 

You can find out more about Better World Gift cards here on our website, and read about the difference they’re making for communities around the world.