Every evening, we set our dinner table and bow our heads.

We give thanks to God for the food before us and pray for our many global neighbours going without. And we ask how we can help.

Though we might have plenty to eat in Australia, we know that some families don’t, especially in certain parts of the world. So this year, Baptist World Aid is grateful to focus its 2022 Matching Grant appeal on food shortages.

Beginning in May, the appeal encourages supporters to co-labour with our Christian Partners in addressing the urgent issue of food insecurity. How are our Partners responding to the food crisis? Through training in sustainable agricultural practices, livelihood and income generation training as well as helping provide critical resources to communities recovering from natural disasters, conflict, and displacement.

The Message paraphrases John 1:16 saying ‘We all live off his generous abundance, gift after gift after gift.’ God’s intent is that all people would have access to fullness of life—that all would be able to live off his generous abundance.

When you share a meal with loved ones, when you open the fridge to grab a snack, when you’re packing your children’s lunchboxes, please pray for our neighbours.

Throughout the coming months, we invite you to join us in praying specifically for families around the world affected by a scarcity of food. When you share a meal with loved ones, when you open the fridge to grab a snack, when you’re packing your children’s lunchboxes, please pray for our neighbours who might be struggling to provide nourishment for their family today.

Pray For Children

We pray for children in Nepal whose growth and development have been stunted due to a lack of access to regular, nutritious meals. We know God does not forget one of them and he has a plan for their future.

Pray For The Hungry

We pray for the millions of people suffering from acute hunger in Bangladesh. We ask for God’s provision and intervention, that farms would flourish and access to good food would increase across the country.

Pray For Women

We thank God for economic growth in Kenya and ask that this prosperity would benefit all Kenyans. We ask that women-led families gain access to skills, resources and training to equip them to consistently provide food for their families—especially in rural areas.

Pray For The Changing Climate

We pray for Cambodians living in rural areas on the frontline of the changing climate. For the many families vulnerable to the impact of frequent floods and droughts, we pray for strategies to protect food systems, enabling access to nutritious food all year round.

Pray For Refugees

We pray for displaced families living in Lebanon and suffering the harshest impacts of the ongoing economic crisis. The conflict in Ukraine and sanctions in Russia have made food shortages worse in Lebanon. As prices for essential food items continue to rise, we pray families would be provided for through the generosity of God’s people there and here.

Pray For Farmers

We pray for small hold farmers in Malawi experiencing the challenges of a changing climate and the risks of severe flooding and protracted drought. We ask the God of creation to bring balance and regeneration in rural areas, so the land could provide for vulnerable families.

2 Corinthians 9:10, Now he who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will also supply and increase your store of seed and will enlarge the harvest of your righteousness.’

We stand together with our Christian Partners, and we look to God our provider. We ask for creative interventions, provision and mercy. So everyone can have a table to set.

Families around the world don’t have enough food to eat. Give to the Matching Grant Appeal today and the Government will increase the impact of your gift. So more families won’t go hungry.