Over four million people have fled conflict so far in Ukraine, many without even a change of clothes. To help raise funds for those who need it most, the Emergency Action Alliance— comprised of 15 member organisations including Baptist World Aid—is launching its first appeal through a televised concert with the ABC.

‘ABC Gives Ukraine Appeal’ in partnership with the EAA airs Wednesday, March 30 at 8:30pm on ABC TV Plus. The two-hour concert showcases musicians such as Ed Sheeran, Manic Street Preachers, the Kingdom Choir and Camila Cabelo performing from England. All money raised will complement the recently announced $2 million Federal Government contribution to Emergency Action Alliance’s Ukraine Appeal, as well as proceeds from existing EAA member Ukraine appeals.

‘A refugee crisis is an inevitable outcome of tragic conflict, and this is a creative and unified response from members of the Emergency Action Alliance to support Ukraine,’ said Melissa Lipsett, CEO. ‘Baptist World Aid Australia is Standing with Ukraine, supporting Christian Partners throughout the region as they care for an influx of people seeking safety. And we’re tuning into the ABC for this generous response from such talented musicians.’

Baptist World Aid Australia joined 15 other disaster relief organisations in August of 2021 to unite in emergency appeals for immediate humanitarian care, forming together the historic Emergency Action Alliance. The EAA brings leading aid charities together to improve on how Australians can support and donate when large scale overseas disasters take place.  

‘This is the moment when we stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine who have had to flee a terrible conflict,’ said Kerren Morris, Executive Director at EAA. ‘Our members believe this is the moment where we come together to raise more funds and have even greater impact during the recovery and rebuilding phase. We are excited to partner with ABC on this major appeal.’

The humanitarian crisis across Ukraine is escalating as people leave their homes in search of safety, crossing the border to neighbouring countries such as Poland, Hungary, Romania and Moldova. Many are women, children and elderly leaving loved ones behind to defend Ukraine.

‘As the situation continues, more families will be displaced, exacerbating the already urgent need for food, medical care and refuge,’ Lipsett said. ‘Gifts today will provide support for food, hygiene items, medicine, generators, blankets and necessary items for displaced people as well as shelters set up for them.’

Morris expects the all-star musical event will spread a message of hope and support while raising funds for EAA members to address the immediate needs of people fleeing the conflict, and in the long road ahead.

Viewers can donate money throughout the evening online through emergencyaction.org.au and via phone on 1300 939 000. Viewers will also be able to see the concert on ABC iView for 30 days after the broadcast and continue to donate after the event has finished.