This is our story

We dream of a world where poverty has ended and all people enjoy the fullness of life God intends. We've been committed to this vision since 1959.

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Our History

In 1959, a group of committed volunteers led by Rev. Alan Prior began the poverty ending work which would one day become Baptist World Aid.

Created by the Baptist Union of Australia, our organisation was born out of a response to the suffering caused by World War II.

The Australia Baptist World Aid and Relief Committee provided disaster relief in the form of shelter, food, clothing and financial assistance to refugees and displaced persons. It was a grassroots movement made up of Christians from local Baptist Churches, who gave of themselves to be love so they could help end extreme poverty.

A photo of founder of Baptist World Aid Australia Rev. Alan Prior and other members of the ABWA relief committee
Rev Alan Prior
Rev. Alan Prior, pictured center

The work expanded when Rev. Prior learned of the hardship that children in India were facing because of poverty. And in 1974 a group of volunteers started our Child Sponsorship program, signalling the beginning of an organisational focus on children which still continues.

Today Baptist World Aid is a not-for-profit Christian aid and development organisation with a rich heritage and more than 50 years’ experience. We have grown, learned and changed; always striving to love poor communities in the most practical and helpful ways.

We are inspired by the hearts of the volunteers who began the poverty ending work which we continue today. But most of all, we are humbled by the generosity of our faithful supporters. It is their commitment to be love, which, from the very beginning, has fuelled our dream of ending poverty.

Our Purpose

We know our purpose:
Be love. End poverty.

We believe God’s call to be love in this world requires a whole of life response.
Be open

Hear God’s heart for His people and deepen your love for the poor.

Be vocal

Speak with love to defend the rights of the ignored and oppressed.

Be generous

Give generously to transform the lives of the world’s poorest people.

Be fair

Choose to share the burdens of the vulnerable by shopping ethically.

Be prayerful

Pray without ceasing in response to the world’s injustices.

Our fieldwork

Ending poverty

Baptist World Aid is an international Christian aid organisation. In partnership with us you will discover powerful ways to bring blessing and justice to the poor as, together, we respond to Jesus' call to love our neighbour. The idea is simple... Be love. End poverty.
Community Development
We work with communities to identify the causes of their poverty and discover ways to draw on their strengths to build lasting solutions.
Child driven change
We work with children and families to transform communities into safe places where children are loved, nurtured and heard.
Responding to disaster
Disaster can stop development for years at a time, that’s why our response to disaster is an important part of our response to poverty itself.
Our Advocacy

Defend the rights of the poor

Standing up for the oppressed and marginalised is an essential part of a life lived for Christ. Be love to those living in poverty by responding to God's call to speak for justice.
We research
Be fair and shop ethically with our Ethical Fashion Report and Guide.
We mobilise
Love mercy and do justice together. Start a Catalyst group.
We campaign
Speak with love. Call on those with power to affect change.

God calls us to be generous…
Your generosity will transform lives