Your Sponsored Child’s Graduation is a Wonderful Milestone for Them, Their Family, and Their Whole Community

The conclusion of a project is the very goal that we’re working to achieve, together with the project communities and our Christian partners in the field.

When you become a sponsor with Baptist World Aid, you send love to a child and their whole community
You sponsor a child

Your faithful generosity over the past nine years means you helped to bring incredible change.

When you become a child sponsor with Baptist World Aid, you help a child and their village flourish
You help bring incredible change

Because of the generosity of child sponsors, a whole community is fully capable of continuing their development themselves, at the end of the nine years.

When your sponsored child graduates from their program, it's a cause for celebration
Your child graduates

Your sponsored child’s graduation is not about work coming to an end, it’s about the responsibility for that work being phased over to a strengthened and skilled community of people.

After your sponsored child graduates, sponsor again to help another child raise their village!
You sponsor again

Our Christian partners in the field can move into new communities, where the need for sponsorship continues. And that’s where you continue your sponsorship journey.

What’s Next For You?

Aside from your sponsored child’s graduation ceremony itself, there are some other important moments to look forward to in the journey ahead…


Send a farewell letter to your sponsored child here. Congratulate them on graduating from the program and give them encouragement for the future.


You’ll soon receive your sponsored child’s Graduation Report. Take time to pray for them and give thanks for an incredible story


Your incredible generosity has helped change your sponsored child’s inheritance from poverty to opportunity. Thank you!

We’re celebrating

See How Your Sponsored Child is Celebrating Graduation


Graduations are now underway… thank you for all the INCREDIBLE things you’ve helped to make possible! See a special glimpse into the amazing graduation celebrations happening around the world.


A young Bangladeshi boy stands with a baby goat in his arms


Still have questions about your sponsored child’s graduation?


Find your answer in the FAQs below!


Continue your good work


Your Continued Sponsorship Will Mean the Chance for Even More Children to Achieve Their Dreams!


Our new sponsorship projects are based on an improved approach to our child and youth community development work.

Building on what we have learned over the years, your new Child Sponsorship program includes both children and youth, recognising that different life stages have differing needs. So, instead of classifying anyone under 18-years as a child, it acknowledges that a child in pre-school will have very different needs to a child of 16, and ensures that all project work is designed to support those differing needs.

Just like our previous sponsorship projects, our new ones run on a 9-year cycle consisting of 3 planned phases.

When your current sponsored child graduates, you’ll be connected with a child from one of these exciting, brand-new projects!

If you would like to have a say in who you sponsor next, please fill out the form below or give us a call on 1300 789 991 and we’ll do our best to accommodate your preferences. Thank you for choosing to be part of another child’s incredible story!

Sponsor Again



Do you have preferences for multiple sponsored children? Give us a call on 1300 789 99.