When Russian began military operations in Ukraine on 24 February 2022, Galina initially didn’t understand what was happening. Then the shelling started. Not long after, Galina lost her job, and then her beloved brother. To keep her young daughter safe, she left her small hometown for the city of Odesa.  

When she arrived, Galina got in touch with the local church, which was working with Baptist World Aid’s Partner to serve hot meals for families impacted by the war. The church warmly welcomed Galina and her daughter, and provided them with regular meals cooked by volunteers. 

‘We received a lot of encouragement,’ Galina said.

‘All the produce is fresh and tasty, and we have a full range of food—milk, fish, chicken, sauerkraut, buns and much more. We are thankful!’ 

Galina, along with her daughter, have regular meals thanks to the work of our Christian Partner in Odesa. Photo credit: Baptist World Alliance. 

A Warm Welcome 

Galina is one of thousands of people that our Partners are assisting in Ukraine.  

Through the generosity of supporters who have donated to our Standing with Ukraine appeal, our Christian Partners have been working with local churches to help people impacted by the war—from distributing food packages and blankets, to providing power generators, trauma counselling, and accommodation for families as they travel across the country. 

Most recently, one of our Partners has been providing hygiene kits and wholesome meals in the cities of Odesa and Poltava. The food is cooked and served by dedicated volunteers in mobile kitchens and collection centres run by a network of local churches.  

With your support, 1268 people have received regular meals in Poltava, and 296 people in Odesa. In total, our Partners have served over 20,730 hot meals to people in need. 

Those who donated to our Standing with Ukraine Appeal have also helped another Partner deliver food packages to 246 people in Ukraine, many of them women and children who have been left vulnerable as a significant proportion of men have left their families to fight in the war. 

Long-term Support 

Thanks to supporters like you, our Partners are continuing to provide support and care to families in Ukraine, even as the world’s attention on the war dwindles but the conflict rages on. 

For Olha, who lived with her family in south-eastern Ukraine until conflict forced them to flee to Poltava, this support has been invaluable. ‘Hearing terrible explosions day and night is very scary. You don’t know when and where a rocket or projectile will fly and where to run; you worry about your family and friends every minute,’ Olha said.  

‘That is why we are here in Poltava. He takes care of us through the church here, and we are fed delicious food.  I am thankful that there are people who found us, and did not leave us in trouble. Thank you from my whole family,’ she said. 

Please join us in praying for the people of Ukraine: 

  • That God would protect civilians from harm as the conflict continues, and enable them to meet their daily needs; 
  • For churches and volunteers in Ukraine as they faithfully provide support–that they would be protected, strengthened, and filled with hope; 
  • For a peaceful end to this war, and lasting peace in the region. 

May God bring on the day when ‘nation will not take up sword against nation, nor will they train for war’ (Isaiah 2:4).