Shanto’s Incredible Story


When I grow up I want to be a teacher so that children can learn.

Three years ago, 10 year old Shanto wasn’t getting good food to eat and his mum, Hana, struggled to pay for vegetables let alone school supplies.

Shanto would often miss school because he was sick. He felt trapped. And there was little his mum could do to help.

But that was all before Shanto’s incredible story of child sponsorship helped to transform his community.


Like any mum, Hana wished she could do more for her child. Through our Child Sponsorship program, Baptist World Aid’s local partners provided Hana with training so she could become a tailor.

Now, Hana makes and sells dresses, and can afford school supplies and uniforms for Shanto and all her children. Shanto is not only back in school, but he dreams of being a teacher.
Hana is proud of how far Shanto has come. But it won’t stop there! “We will provide him everything that he needs to one day be a teacher,” she says.
“My father and mother help me because I want to be a teacher,” says Shanto.

Hana has seen the impact of education for her family; it protects her daughters from early marriage, prevents sickness and makes dreams come true for Shanto. She is so proud that her son will carry on the important work of educating a new generation.

Too many children in our world today are denied their childhood. They miss out on the chance to dream, to play, to learn and to grow because of the impact of poverty in their community. But when you sponsor a child, you become part of an incredible story of change. And you help a child like Shanto break down the barriers of poverty – for themselves and their whole community.

Today, sickness, malnutrition and child marriage are no longer the common problems they once were in Shanto’s village. It has been transformed with the help of generous Australians like you… but it’s children like Shanto who are driving the change!

Be part of an incredible story like Shanto’s. Sponsor a child today.

*Name changed for child protection reasons.



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