Social Media Community Guidelines

Our Social Media Community Guidelines are in place to keeping conversation relevant, respectful and truthful.

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Thanks so much for being a part of the Baptist World Aid Australia community!

We encourage you to engage with us and each other and ask questions while keeping the conversation relevant, respectful and truthful.

We reserve the right to remove any comments that are inaccurate or misleading, threatening, abusive, defamatory, harassing, offensive, infringes intellectual property rights or is unlawful. We may also remove comments that are successively off-topic or repetitive.

We are a Child Safe organisation and will remove anything not in line with our Child Safe Policy.

If you have a personal request for assistance or NGO request for aid please contact [email protected]

Please contact us via direct message, [email protected] or by phoning our friendly team on 1300 789 991

You can also connect with us on: