Throughout the Gospels, Jesus intentionally brought those from the margins into a place of belonging and wholeness, giving ‘nameless’ women and many others new opportunities to flourish. He still does. Christ’s radical care for women on the margins set a precedent for his followers that continues to this day.

Join us for this 8-part devotional of Gospel stories as we learn more about God’s heart for the oppressed and how we might best respond.



Artist, Ian McGilvray
Ian McGilvray

We are delighted to feature the artwork of artist, Ian McGilvray titled ‘A Syrian Refugee’ for our ‘Jesus on the margins’ devotional series.

When Ian and his wife Jill visited a Syrian refugee camp in Lebanon as part of a Langham Partnership conference there in 2019, Ian drew this woman’s picture (with her permission) and gave her the drawing. She also allowed him to paint her image, which Ian included in a 2021 exhibit of refugees entitled, “Drawn Together”, in Katoomba, NSW. Ian is an award-winning architect, painter, active church member and lives in the Blue Mountains.

“For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.”

—Luke 19:10