A Child Shall Lead Them

An 11-part devotional series that explore God’s heart for all his children.

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Power and status have long been the centre of human conflict. But Jesus tells his followers to become like children, that the kingdom of God belongs to them.

This devotional series, A Child Shall Lead Them, explores God’s heart for all his children and his desire for us to come to him as children. Together, we will look at children and young people in the Bible whom God uses for his kingdom purposes. They bring change to their communities, just as the children in Baptist World Aid’s Child and Youth Clubs do around the world.

We’ll meet a variety of children and young people throughout the biblical narrative and explore both the challenges and revelations they experienced. As we do, we’ll consider what their stories teach us about God’s character, and ultimately about his Son Jesus.

Join us for this 11-day exploration to discover how indeed, A Child Shall Lead Them.

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About the author

Meredith Wright

Meredith Wright is a writer at Baptist World Aid Australia, a leader in her church and the mother of three world-changing daughters.