Thank you for giving regularly to our Disaster Action Fund.


The generosity of people like you enables our Partners to help protect disaster-prone communities in the event of catastrophe. When disaster strikes, your support helps fund an immediate response, including the provision of life-saving emergency kits—ensuring families and their children can eat, be safe and recover. And in the wake of these events, our Partners can build long-term solutions for communities—ensuring resilience and readiness—because of your support.

Your faithful giving towards our Disaster Action Fund in 2022 has helped support 85,745 vulnerable people recover from and prepare for disasters in places like Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Haiti, Myanmar and the Philippines. Over the year we have also supported emergency relief efforts in Tonga following the volcano and earthquake, in the Ukraine and also in response to the catastrophic floods in Pakistan.

We pray this report gives you a glimpse into the impact of your generosity and encourages you with the many ways that God is at work in communities around our world.

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When disaster strikes, food, water and shelter are some of the most immediate needs. With your support, 15,990 vulnerable people received urgent food provision when they needed it most.

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Disaster recovery is a long process and your generosity to our Disaster Action Fund helps our Partners provide ongoing support to communities as they rebuild their lives. In 2022, 2,681 people were able to access temporary shelter.

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Risk Reduction

The best way to reduce the negative impact of disasters is to train communities in risk reduction before they strike. Thank you for supporting 97 communities to learn about disaster risks and develop their own disaster risk reduction plans.

The gift of food in times of need.


Rutvi*—a dedicated and caring mother of two, living in the south of Sri Lanka—works long-hours to provide for her children. But the compounding crisis in Sri Lanka makes it hard to earn enough.

For over 18 months, Sri Lanka has been in the midst of economic and political unrest. The food crisis continues, along with additional crises such as lack of medical supplies, power outages and an economic crisis. Families—especially children—are nearing the edge of acute malnutrition.

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Our local Partner in Sri Lanka told us that over one in ten households have reported that their income has dried up this year, with an additional 60% reporting a decline in their income and subsequently their ability to purchase nutritious food.

Rutvi searches for labour jobs each day and takes as many shifts as she can but the money, she earns isn’t enough to cover her family’s costs. ‘I felt helpless and worried about how I can make sure I can provide for what my children need.’


‘In a difficult time, you helped us with a voucher to purchase this dry ration food pack which helps us immensely to fulfill our need for food… We are so thankful to all those who donated funds.’


Our local Christian Partner in Sri Lanka has been working with community leaders and arranged for the distribution of food vouchers to people like Rutvi. These food vouchers allow vulnerable people to purchase the food items they need. Each voucher comes paired with a flyer raising awareness about child protection and safety in times of disaster—because violence and abuse become more common in times of disaster.

‘In a difficult time, you helped us with a voucher to purchase this dry ration food pack which helps us immensely to fulfill our need for food,’ Rutvi shares. ‘We are so thankful to all those who donated funds.’

*Name changed for privacy
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Displaced People

Pray for displaced people from countries like Ukraine, Afghanistan, Myanmar, Haiti, Syria and Sudan, that God’s people might provide care and hospitality.

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Children At Risk

Pray that children can learn safely, especially when disaster, conflict or poverty makes this difficult.

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Hunger Crisis

Amidst a global hunger crisis and rising food prices, pray that people in poverty would have enough to eat and feed their families.

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Recovering Communities

Pray for communities recovering from disaster—for resilience and protection from disease and the weather as they rebuild.


Thank You For Helping Women, Children, And Men Flourish!

To see how your impact continues to make a difference for families living in poverty, check out our latest news and stories.


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In FY2022, our Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP) program worked in six countries, across 14 projects. We are deeply appreciative of their generous support.

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