Not only is the current fast fashion model not viable for the future of this unique and remarkable planet, but it has also turned shopping into a mindless exercise, dictating what we wear, what we are willing to pay for it, and giving us repetitive stress injury from clicking ‘add to cart’. We have a seemingly endless supply of inexpensive clothing that is so readily accessible at the touch of our fingers. It is easy to lose sight of the true cost and impact that this industry has on people and the planet.

Hosting a clothes swap provides a fun and social way to raise awareness of the risks of human trafficking and modern slavery in fashion supply chains, as well as being environmentally savvy. In fact, swapping just a single suitcase-worth of clothes (20kg) saves enough energy to run a television non-stop for 1.7 years! It also encourages thoughtfulness over mindless and habitual shopping; do we need as many clothes as we have? What is the human and environmental cost to create clothing sold so cheaply?

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