Good News!

The first and most important ask from this postcard campaign has been granted by the Australian Government! Thank you to everyone who has advocated for the people of Myanmar with us.

The Foreign Minister’s office announced on 1 February 2024, that Australia will impose new and immediate sanctions on the financial institutions that Myanmar’s tyrannical military junta use to fund their operations—further squeezing the junta’s capacity to continue their illegitimate administration and, we hope and pray, move the country towards a lasting peace, and a democratically elected government.

We’re grateful for this positive step forward, however there is still more to be done for our brothers and sisters in Myanmar and ongoing advocacy work we will continue throughout this year. Please give to the Myanmar Humanitarian Crisis Appeal today to help provide food, hygiene and emergency relief kits to those affected by the crises.

Three Ways You Can Advocate For Myanmar

Send a pre-filled email

You can urge Penny Wong to recommend Australia take specific action today in support of the people of Myanmar.

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Email the Minister for Foreign Affairs

Write your own email using our talking points below.

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Order postcards

Receive prewritten postcards you can send to the Federal Government urging them to take critical steps now in solidarity with the people of Myanmar.

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Send a prefilled email to the Foreign Affairs Minister

Write your own email using the following talking points:

We thank the Federal Government for sanctions already placed on members of the military Junta. But while the Junta continues a campaign of violence against their own people, Australian Baptists urge our Government to take further action, namely:

  • To follow the example of the USA, Singapore, Canada, and the UK in sanctioning the Junta’s two primary financial institutions—the MICB and the MFTB to limit their capacity to trade and divest from companies doing business with the military.
  • To follow the lead of the European Parliament by formally and publicly recognising the elected shadow government, or government in exile, as the legitimate Government of Myanmar.
  • To increase diplomatic pressure on the Government of India to cease arm sales by private Indian firms, and to grant exit visas to Burmese people who have been granted refugee visas to for Australia and are currently being held detained in camps in Mizoram.


Order Postcards

The postcard calls for targeted sanctions aimed at military Junta; official recognition of the democratically elected government-in-exile as the legitimate government of Myanmar; as well as applying diplomatic pressure on India to cease arm sales by private Indian firms and grant exit visas to those who’ve been granted refugee status here in Australia.

Order multiple postcards for your Church or community group and amplify your advocacy.

What else can I do?

Get informed

From political unrest to disasters, multiple crises have left one-third of Myanmar’s popularion in need of humanitarian aid. Here’s a quick guide to what’s happening.


Join us in prayer

Join us as we pray for miraculous peace in Myanmar.

We pray:

  • For an end to conflict and a lasting peace
  • For those people displaced by violence and disasters to find safety and shelter
  • For families outside of Myanmar—that God would comfort them and sustain them with hope
  • For the protection of Christians, that people may continue to worship freely
  • For church leaders and volunteers, who are seeking to serve their communities at great risk

We pray, Lord have mercy.


Your donation will be directed to our local Christian Partners in Myanmar who are providing urgently needed food and hygiene relief for over 300 internally displaced families as well as training and supporting humanitarian staff. You’ll also be supporting the work of our local Partners across the border who are caring for refugee families who’ve fled for safety to neighbouring countries.


can help provide food relief for households that need it most


can provide much-needed hygiene kits and local staff training


can provide income generation and livelihood supporter for refugee families


or call 1300 789 991