The tragic collapse of Rana Plaza revealed an ugly side to the clothing industry, rife with exploitation and abuse. 

Ten years on, has the fashion industry changed?  What’s improved, and what progress still needs to be made? Why aren’t workers paid a living wage? And how do fashion brands source clothes from factories?

To commemorate 10 years since the tragic Rana Plaza collapse, Sarah Knop, Advocacy Manager at Baptist World Aid, joined ethical fashion experts on the Wardrobe Crisis podcast, hosted by Clare Press. Together they reflect on how the industry has changed over the years, and what needs to happen so we can achieve a fairer, more ethical industry for all. 

Listen below. 

Sarah Knop (left) and Clare Press (right) at a recent event ‘Fashion Forward’ hosted by Baptist World Aid Australia, Oxfam Australia, ActionAid Australia and USYD Fashion Revolution