We’ve created some delightful gifts that will help your loved ones walk with Jesus in the new year, while helping build a better world for those in need.

Church journal

1. Church Journal

Let’s be real. The mind wanders sometimes during Sunday gatherings. This A5 journal is designed to help us be present when we come to church, stay focused, and capture important learning moments.

We’ve included a few points on how a Christian can approach church so they are learning, changing and growing while encouraging others.

You could buy this journal for anyone who wants to grow in their faith in 2023. These would make encouraging Christmas gifts for teens who are starting to own their own faith, or perhaps those graduating from school. It’s a lovely way to say ‘keep following Jesus’!

Colouring-In Book

2. Colouring-In Book

Doting aunties, uncles, parents and grandparents: form an orderly queue. We all want the small people in our lives to have hearts that are tender towards the world’s most vulnerable. This is a super cute way to introduce a wider world-view to our young friends and family. Each colouring page is accompanied by a kid-friendly short story about children and families who are emerging from poverty—no church experience required.  

I’ll be buying one each for my niece and nephew to gently talk to them about poverty, and share with them my dream for a better world.

The Baptist World Aid To-Do List

3. To-Do To-Be Notepad

Who doesn’t need a notepad to keep track of the million and one things that need doing? This one is a little different though—each page is headed by an encouragement to think beyond the day-to-day into the lives we want to lead as Christians.
Want to see a better world tomorrow? Let’s start with a Christ-like action today.

Baptist World Aid's Conversation Cards

4. Conversation Cards

Don’t be fooled by their beauty. These bright, colourful cards featuring photos from our local Christian Partners are invitations to conversations with serious depth.

We started out by thinking about how we can help people living in plenty better understand those living in poverty. With no right or wrong answers, we narrowed down our selection to 29 questions that dig deep into what it means to live (and love) like Jesus in a world where so many don’t have the privileges, we take for granted.

As a youth group leader and mum, I’m planning on using these cards to start discussions about important topics around faith, generosity and what it means to be made in the image of God. These are good for anyone wanting to explore world issues from a variety of perspectives.

To view our full range of Better World Gifts, including our hardworking cards, visit our Better World Gifts page. May you know and share God’s glory this Christmas!