That plastic singing reindeer, the life-size cardboard cut-out of Harry Styles, yet another tea towel . . . No one wants to buy gifts that will end up in January’s council clean-up (no offense, Harry)!

Nowadays, many of us are mindful of the importance of choosing meaningful gifts that both speak to the heart and align with our values. And those of us who are Christians want to keep Jesus, or the world he’s called us to serve, central at Christmas time.  

This is where Better World Gift Cards come in. What could be more meaningful that providing a family or community overseas with something that could help them overcome poverty?

And you don’t have to stop there. You can still give a nifty little something to fit perfectly with our cards. Check out these options for all the precious people in your world.

Our Better World Gift piglet card on a charcuterie board

Piglets & Hampers

$50 + $100 = $150

Buying this card provides piggies and training in breeding for a family in Nepal. These little porcine heroes mean families can access clothes, food, school, and other needs. Match it with a beautiful food hamper to delight a family (maybe chuck in a mud mask too)! They’ll be happy as pigs in mud.

Our Better World Gift bee card and honey comb

The Sweetest Bees & Honey

$40 + $10 = $50

Want to make a difference to an at-risk Kenyan family? Support them with some bees! Bee farms offer a lifesaving, sustainable income for families and our local partners also offer training to help farmers keep their bees happy and healthy. Pair with a jar of local honey for your own sweetheart.

Our Better World chicken gift card on a plate

In The Chicken Business

$20 + $50 = $70

Nepalese, Cambodian and Kenyan families will benefit when you purchase one of our chicken cards. With some starter chooks, and the training and support to get them going, farmers can quickly develop a family business. Pair with a meal voucher to a favourite restaurant to share the love with someone lovely.

Our Better World goat gift card with goats cheese and lemons on a gingham table cloth

Goats Make Delicious Cheese

$40 + $20 = $60

Oh those gorgeous goats! In Bangladesh, Nepal, and Kenya these fuzzy little guys and girls make a huge difference to a family struggling to survive. Goats provide milk, manure and offspring to sell. They’re also super cute! Pair with some delicious goat’s cheese for your favourite foodie.

Our Better World blanket gift card on a fuzzy blue blanket

Give A Hug With A Blanket

$15 + $25 = $40

Looking for a gift that feels like a hug? Consider a blanket card. These cards help provide warmth and comfort for families who have fled conflict for safety in Lebanon. Why not match the kindness of a blanket for a refugee with a soft fluffy blanket for the ones you want to wrap your arms around?

Our Better World Gift soap card with three bars of soap

Indulge With Some Hand Soap

$5 + $15 = $20

Soap saves lives. When you buy our Hand Soap card, families in Cambodia and Kenya are given the means and education to stop the spread of infection and disease. Pairing this card with some indulgent bath products makes a beautiful gift for someone special.

Did you find the perfect gift? If not, head over to Better World Gifts to see our full range of cards. We are also excited to share our brand-new range of stationery gifts! Be the first to get your hands on our freshly launched journals, advent calendars, notepads and discussion cards.

‘Tis the season to be (mindful in our giving and) jolly. Give your loved ones something meaningful this Christmas.