When we look at poverty around the world, it’s easy to focus on what a person doesn’t have, and their lack of power to change their situation.

While we cannot ignore the reality of global inequality, this isn’t the only story. As Christians, we have a vision for a better world–one where all people can freely participate in a just community and enjoy fullness of life, as God intends.

This vision isn’t wishful thinking. Jesus came to this world so that we may have new life to the full. His story of restoration includes the end of poverty–and we all have a part to play.

So, it’s time for Baptist World Aid to tell a new story about poverty: one with the same commitment while also responding to this deeper hopelessness with a vision of a better world for all.

‘As it says in Isaiah 43:18, God is doing a new thing and making a way in the wilderness,’ says Melissa Lipsett, CEO of Baptist World Aid. ‘God does this most completely through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, bringing new life for humanity. This also orients us towards a world as God intends – filled with healthy, vibrant creatures living in safe, just, welcoming and equitable communities, lovingly engaged with God and one another.’

To express this vision for a better world, Baptist World Aid needed a fresh design, ‘one that celebrated God’s kingdom come with vibrancy and beauty,’ she said.

We asked the creative minds behind the new look, Rebecca Oates, Director of Marketing and Communication, and Grant Sparkes-Carroll, internationally recognised Creative Director, to share the heart behind our new look and feel.

Why change the Baptist World Aid look?

Bec: During COVID, it was easy to think that everything was hopeless, especially because we know the pandemic will push more than half a billion people into extreme poverty.

Instead, God stirred a new hopefulness in us. At the heart of Baptist World Aid is God’s restoration story as he redeems us to himself, each other, and the Earth. As God sets about making a better world, he invites us to join him. So, we asked ourselves, ‘is this shaping how we express ourselves?’ We discovered we wanted to tell a different story from the one we’ve been telling without losing our long commitment to ending poverty. A bold vision for today’s deeper challenges.

How does Baptist World Aid’s new look reflect ‘a better world for all’?

Grant: The new design is about hope, celebration and empowerment. We’re engaging a new generation of disciples for global change–intelligent, optimistic people who want to have a global impact and be an example for their children.

We also want to celebrate all the people who make up Baptist World Aid–supporters who are building discipleship and going against individualism and consumerism; Christian Partners who are leaving a legacy for their families and transforming communities; staff and program recipients and other friends who’ve been a part of the journey; they all express this dignity and agency. The process of expressing this visually was exciting, and I’ve really enjoyed doing it!

You’ve shared with us what’s changed at Baptist World Aid. What is staying the same?

Bec: Our dream, mission and vision are the same. We dream of a world where poverty has ended, and all people enjoy fullness of life as God intends. That is unwavering; if anything, we’re just expressing that dream better. It’s a maturing of the great heritage laid down by followers of Jesus who established Baptist World Aid Australia, and the countless contributions our supporters have made over time.

Tell us about the flags that feature in Baptist World Aid’s new design.

Grant: For me, the idea of flags was sparked after reading Revelation 7:9-12, which describes all the nations coming before God, and having that as part of our hope and vision.

Bec: Flags are often how people identify as a group or nation. If we’re talking about a new heaven and earth, well, maybe there are new flags! They became a foundational element of our design to show that we’re creating a new global community. A movement of God’s people.

What about the photos that feature as part of the design?

Bec: Behind every person who is photographed, there’s a story we can identify with and learn from–usually one of courage, flourishing and resilience through the work we’re part of with our Christian Partners.

Grant: When you talk to someone face to face, you can relate personally to them. Baptist World Aid’s photography now focus more tightly on the faces of people. We’re taking away all the stuff that distances us, to make real connections with each other through change.

What do you hope the new look will inspire?

Grant: It’s an invitation to a vision of possibility, not lack. This is our world, and we’re living in God’s story. What can hold us back?

Bec: We hope everyone finds courage in it, as well as conviction, hope, joy and a celebration of God’s world. We hope it speaks to your soul and gives clarity on who Baptist World Aid is. God wants to end poverty and amazingly, he includes us in his story. It’s good for us–and our relationship with God and his people–to join him.