We met at a teachers’ conference in Adelaide. We married in January 1969 and later that year we left for Nepal. We lived there for four and a half years – it’s where we started our family. It was a relatively short time, but it made a big impression.

And our hearts remain there still. Especially through this global pandemic where the news has shown that families lack the resources to protect themselves and then to keep going, economically.

Looking back over our years, we know that our faith has not been about one choice to honour God, but many choices. And He’s kept His promises that He would be with us through all circumstances.

In this life, we’ve tried to live simply so that we could share what we’ve been given. And when it came to making our Will, we were motivated by the same desire. We want part of anything we leave behind used to help the poor and vulnerable.

But this is normal stuff: Christians give. Perhaps you’re even thinking of doing the same?

Ultimately, ending poverty is in God’s hands, but He calls us to be part of His work. We pass the baton on to you, you pass the baton onto your children… what will the Lord of the Harvest do with it all? We’ll be watching from the world to come.

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