In this time of crisis, clothing companies have a responsibility to ensure that the most vulnerable workers in their global supply chains are supported, rather than pushed further into poverty and exploitation.

But you can raise awareness for garment worker rights throughout the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, simply by sharing an article with your online community.

Major garment producing countries, Myanmar and Cambodia, have seen tens of thousands of workers unemployed as a result of the coronavirus crisis. In Bangladesh, this number escalates to almost two million.

As factories begin to reopen, workers are being forced to choose between life and livelihood – do you risk infection in order to earn wages, or risk falling into poverty to maintain your safe social distance? Already existing issues faced by garment workers are being compounded by the current health crisis, increasing the risk of serious human rights abuses like child labour and modern slavery.

But YOU have the power to change this!

As companies are forced to turn away from their inherently flawed ‘business as usual’ approach to garment supply chains, an opportunity arises to put the global fashion industry on a more positive path. As a major employer of people in vulnerable communities, the fashion industry has immense potential to be a positive factor in the lives of millions of people around the world who are working to lift themselves out of poverty.

The six COVID Fashion Commitments are a set of straightforward ways for fashion companies to support their workers, each targeting a key issue faced by garment workers right now… as well as encouraging companies to employ more ethical and sustainable practices as they move into the post-COVID era.

Your voice is essential in helping fashion companies understand that ethical sourcing matters to their customers.

By sharing the Commitments and starting a conversation with a friend or family member, you are standing together with garment workers in this time of crisis.

We’ve asked 96 companies, representing 418 brands, to make a public commitment and provide evidence of the actions they’re taking to support the workers in their supply chains by July 17. We need you to amplify this message now… and encourage companies to share their efforts and work with us to build the fashion industry back better for workers and for the world.

I thank you for advocating for garment workers.

Want to know what your favourite brands are doing in these difficult and uncertain times? See which companies have made commitments to their supply chain workers. Go to: